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An Interview with

zion antoni

Beyond the Record: Welcome. Tell us a little bit about who are, where you're from, and how you got your start in ther music industry.
Zion Antoni: I come from very diverse musical backgrounds. I'm half Central American and African American so I had an intake form everything from Soul, reggae, jazz, and Latin music. Of course growing up in NYC I had my fill of Hip Hop and rap. A world all onto its own all this was a part of my youth Development. Along with life experiences. by 17 I honed a lot of my own talents and started to Envision a career. Writing and music by that time became a passion.

BtR: Do you feel as though your childhood played a role in your love for music and the arts as a whole?
Zion Antoni: My youth was a major part. A major Foundation. Between The Rite of Passage of growing up, and even hardships the music of my youth was rich cultural inspiring and many times a narrative. They became gifts I learned how to exercise and communicate with.

BtR: At what point in your life did you begin writing songs and when did you actively pursue a career in music?
Zion Antoni: Amazing I started about 8 - 9 years old. I began to pursue music seriously about 18 years old. Overtime it shape-shifted and became way more than music.

BtR: Aside from music, you have many interests and are considered to be a man of many talents. You run your own blog, business and so on. Tell us a little bit about your lifer outside of your career as an artist.
Zion Antoni: LOL. My life outside the business and the grand is pretty simple. I still Hustle gather for my own experiences even sharing experiences with others. I can enjoy a good time a good drink and a cigar. I read and do the knowledge on a lot.. do a lot of traveling absorbing and Inner city different communities and even better out of the country. Low-key and easy.

BtR: Would you say that managing both your music career and bussiness life is difficult?
Zion Antoni: No not really because they're one in the same. Where I go my business goes. Management and content along with its contemporaries and my entire conglomeration.

BtR: What are your thoughts on the current mainstream music industry today? If you could change anything about it, what would you change?
Zion Antoni: I applaud young artist who innovate and older seasoned artist who keep it original and continue to innovate. This I respect much. What I don't like is subtle conditioning of mainstream and the general nature of the music industry mainstream to independent. Music is money it's been years. Music is also a powerful tool. Music with Integrity I'll always respect.

BtR: Getting back to your music, you released a track called Rain Come Soon Announcement. Tell s what inspired this.
Zion Antoni: Ah yes. This is a recent single released in April. I think independently in my career this is one of the most Progressive singles I've released not only by its nature, but by message. The rain soon come is a call for awareness to the Zeitgeist of the times. What inspired it is the troubles and trials of the times and how societies and people search for answers truth spirituality Etc in the midst. And how some things are just self-fulfilling due to the nature of man.

BtR: What artists and people inspire you to do what you do everyday?
Zion Antoni: Among the greats there's Tupac there's Marley the Sam Cooke John Coltrane Ahmad Jamal Idris Muhammad Marvin Gaye Fela kuti... inspirations. In addition it's my own life. Mountains trials tribulations inspirations. loved ones battles Etc

BtR: If you could give advice to anyone looking to get into music, what would you say?
Zion Antoni: Stay consistent be true to yourself honor yourself honor the people that love you and support you and your gift and surround yourself with true people anything less is an insult.

BtR: What is the next big thing for you and where can we find your music?
Zion Antoni: Just stay tuned. If you're locked in I will take you somewhere. You can find me at the Apple iTunes store or band camp is the most common retail.

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