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Will Diehl

Solo Acoustic

Love and Motion 1.0 is an eleven track album within the Singer-Songwriter folk genre from Will Diehl. It remains pretty clear through the entirety of this record that Will Diehl pays homage to the artists that have come before him, respecting such artists like Bob Dylan & Nick Drake. While this is a record that is all his own and by no means a tribute album; the inspiration from such artists are present, with the sound being mature and traditional. The lyrical themes are riding on a simplistic avenue but is sure to take you through adventurous realms within his creative mind.

Through the music, you can feel that his gift has always been, perhaps even at that young age and like most creative minds, his genius lies at the forefront with his struggles. This is perhaps Diehl's most genuine release and is showcasing a bolder side of that creative mind. Not just as a musician, but perhaps as a poet as well.