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vlado jozic

Beyond the Record: Welcome! As a child, it is believed that after hearing elvis,
you tried to learn every song by him from that moment forward. Elaborate more on
this with great detail. Also, do you feel as though your chilhood has played a
role in your love for music?

Vlado Jozic: When I was a child, it was not easy to hear music played around, one had to look for it and find it myself. It makes a person shape their own way of thinking, too, in a way to find their own style. Today, it's too much around so people get tired of everything. When I grew up, nobody knew much about some artists, but they had Some valuable Lp albums that I borrowed as well. For example, I borrowed from one teacher some Elvis LP albums.One guy Bole had Back In Black album. Then He was drummer in the band (laugh) great times. It was around 1984 and we were kids who started a rock band .Jimmy Page, Van Halen, Ace Frehley and Angus Young are probably my first guitar idols. May thank them because I started playing the guitar.

BtR: You have been a rockstar for a considerable amount of time. With as much
success and as many fans as you have, tell us some of the secrets you could
spare to someone who may be looking to just form a band. What's the secret to
making music in the long term?

Vlado Jozic: I'm the world's biggest fan of some bands and it makes me to convey like they do to me. You are just a broker who links it on to other people. I think some have the task of spreading info and it became apparent to me to do it . (laugh)

BtR: As I just mentioned, you have a lot of success. Exactly what successes have
you experienced? Go in great detail! I've heard there is quite a few.

Vlado Jozic: I do not know if it's success, I think, rather, it's something that makes people feel familiar through me. We like the same things so that's probably what makes me do it. It's like a big party where we have fun together. When you're at a party then it's music that's entertaining. I can not have more fun than that. Some people like running or going to church, I do not. (Laugh) 

BtR: Aside from the glamour of being a total rockstar, there are some challenges
that you may have been faced with at certain times. In your personal life, but
also in your career, take us through some low moments in your life.

Vlado Jozic: It's love that usually fails, we humans are so different so it's clear that if you do not like or understand each other then it will be a problem. I went through a divorce that was tough, Mama died too, that was probably the hardest pain I experienced. Music is there to work hard times too.

BtR: After hearing some of the latest tracks, I find it difficult to pinpoint
exactly what genre you are a part of. How would you classify your sound?

Vlado Jozic: I've played in many different bands so it has become a little different style, but I've always enjoyed and played rock music. The latest album is Back To The Roots. Kunta Kinte. Come home, the child (laugh) .. It's Still Rock And Roll To Me, New CD, check it out.

BtR: Do you feel the need to cater to the masses in anyway or do you prefer to
be genuine in your approach?

Vlado Jozic: For me, the music has always been like toys, I play and do not care how much like or not. I'm just a child and playing with my toys. I am in my own world. It's amazing and exciting every day. Just follow me.

BtR: Who inspires you to make music? Who/what is your inspiration for your
latest record?

Vlado Jozic: The new album is something we should all do once in our lives, acknowledge who gave you inspiration to start being yourself or who was your teacher. One should do it more often, people just rush forward like wild horses, but we should thank everyone who gave us something good in our lives. I made a tribute album to my great teachers and leaders.

BtR: Your latest album is the best contribution to rock music as a whole. How
was the recording process?

Vlado Jozic: I play forward and through play and feeling I try to create a story that I like to hear. When I mix a song, I want it to be in the right color with other songs. So it's both fun and exhilarating work to accomplish. I do everything myself so it's a lot of work. One must be like samurai (laugh) disciplined to 100%. One day I am guitarist or bassist next day I am a producer and criticize the guitarist for bad solo (laugh)

BtR: What is the next big thing for you musically?

Vlado Jozic: I never know that. I like to play with thoughts. I'll have fun, that's the most important thing. My motivation is to play and it comes by itself, I can not control it. I jump on the train and go on a damn journey that I never forget later (laugh)

BtR: Where can we find your music?

Vlado Jozic:

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