Underlined Passages

Tandi my dicafi 

Underlined Passages is an indie rock group from the east coast and has seemingly had a slow crawl to the top, which is all too common among the indie scene. It showcases the current state of the music industry, with great bands like these folks not able to get the recognition as quickly as I would most certainly hope to see. Though there are great bands that have taken years to get where they are today, and just one of those bands would be The National. Underlined Passages is part of the "larger than life"  sound that brings forth vast emotions and layers of ambiance and would dare to put them in the same limelight as Explosions In The Sky. Though that could be the guitar swells and layering of melodic phrases and melodies, this band defines their genre incredibly well and stands with the giants who have come before them.

Make no mistake, the lyrical context exists and brings with it a level of depth. With certainty. Though it is less ambient, the guitars dominantly focus their efforts on building a droning like sound, as opposed to a great wall of sound. The vocals are not as colored as you would expect, taking away from some of what their fans label the music to be. It's not too far fetched to call it 'Indie Pop', but I most certainly would hesitate to take it to those lengths. Which is promising for the future of this project, as 'anything pop' often dies sooner than later.

The group is known for their reliable track record. Literally. Each track they have released is stellar. A notable feature here on this album, is the bravery presented to be different and sound different altogether. They clearly have taken a new direction, keeping inspiration from other artists, but are discovering exactly who or what Underlined Passages is really all about.

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