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Tripp Denom

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BtR: You just released some new material for the world to hear. Whats the overall message of this latest release?
Tripp Denom: My latest release is Eyes Wide, it’s message is of one of just pure fun and having a good time.

BtR: Where did you spend your days growing up? How much would you say that your up-bringing influenced your music?
TD: I was born in Louisiana and I moved around all throughout the south, growing up I’ve lived in Alabama, North Carolina and Georgia.

BtR: Would you say that you were 'born' with your musical gift or did you have to work at it?
TD: I’m gonna say a little bit of both, there is a such thing as being tone deaf, that’s real. So, one you have to be born able to comprehend notes and you either feel the rhythm or you don’t. With that being said, you have to work. You have to work extremely hard to hone your craft and your skills and pretty much find yourself and your voice as an artist in whatever it is you do.

BtR: You're incredibly passionate about the arts and the message in your music. Tell us a little bit about that.
TD: Always. As an artist, the ability to express myself is what keeps me sane. Just that artistic outlet for any person, you know, to be able to do what ever it is that you do, whether that be paint, act, sing, compose, write, whatever it’s what keeps you, you.

BtR: As a rapper, how do you stand out from others within your genre?
TD: By not being a rapper. I’m an artist and I make music. I make musical compositions, I make songs so that doesn’t 100% entail that I’m gonna be rapping on that song if that’s not what that song is made to be. As far as standing out I’m just being me. Being me is what you get with my music, it’s just that, music. It’s gonna be a little bit of everything with a good vibe.

BtR: Let's say you had the power to change the music industry and the way things work for all artists. The mainstream and underground. What would you do?
TD: Oh shit. Wow. I would give commercial radio access to everybody. Every body. Independent artists would be able to literally get radio play right there alongside the main stream artists, I would level that out.
I’d create like an artist industry d-league, with workshops and seminars to help people transition right into being a mainstream artist. You would learn how publishing works, how your money works, how you get paid from shows, how to read contracts and you know things of that nature.

BtR: What song best depicts who you are as a person? Your struggles and triumphs.
TD: I would say not with this project. This project is more uplifting it’s more of a feel good type of project and it’s a lot of negative surrounding everything right now so it’s more of a distraction. Like when you’ve just done had enough of watching CNN or whatever news is going on or whatever bad shit is fucked up today or what have you. This is when you need to feel good you want to chill, relax, kick back, burn one and have a good time and share that with your people. That’s what this record is for, sharing with your people, your good friends, share it with your loved one and you know party when it’s time to party and lay it down when it’s time to lay it down and get down when it’s time to get down.