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BtR: As a one man band, you must have quite the set up. What is the set up like
for a live show?
Togiak: Easily the most interesting part of my setup is my suitcase drum which fits
all of the hardware (mounts, beater pedals, tambourine, mic stand) inside the
suitcase itself. It's a pretty neat custom piece made by Bridgman Brothers Co
( Other than that is just my guitar and a small
amp if I need it.

BtR: What prompted you to move in the direction as a solo artist? Was it yet
another failed band?
Togiak: It indeed was... certainly not an unfamiliar story. Frankly I've always
wanted to be a solo performer but it wasn't until after the last band I was in broke
up that I gained the confidence and ability to do so. I look at it as I needed to go
through playing in a bunch of bands to figure out how making music worked best
for me.

BtR: What are some challenges you face as being the only member of your
Togiak: Funding projects is much more difficult on a solo level - usually if you are
in a band you can split costs for the stuff you need (ie studio time, mixing, merch,
etc). Also I think all unknown solo dudes with a guitar are plagued by being pegged as
singing cliche songs about the rain and stuff like that. You know the tropes. That's
a big reason I went with 'one man band' setup. It sort of changes the conversation
from "just another guy with a guitar" to "look at that guy with the guitar and other

BtR: Do you think you might ever attempt to form another band?
Togiak: Yep, my intention is to grow Togiak as a solo act for a bit and hopefully find
a drummer and a bass player along the way. I don't have anything against being in
a band; I guess I just never found the right one to join. It's with Togiak that I now
have the option to switch from playing solo and as a trio (hopefully) which is
incredibly exciting to me. It gives me more options as a musician

BtR: If you had to label your music and pin it to a genre, where would you fit
into exactly?
Togiak: That's always the most difficult question. My guitar style is definitely
rooted in Blues music so that's in there. My writing style is really influenced by
folk music so thatʼs in there too. Honestly I think the most appropriate genre
would be indie-rock, mostly because that can mean almost anything.

BtR: Do you feel the need to cater to the masses in anyway or do you prefer to
'do your own thing' ?
Togiak: I think I went through a ‘cater to the massesʼ phase, but now Iʼm just
interested in putting as much of myself into my music as possible. I like it better
and I think other people like it better so it works out.

BtR: Who inspires you to make music? Who/what is your inspiration for your latest record?
Togiak: This release was really inspired by the last 2 or so years of my life. I did
what you may call a ‘van yearʼ and I came out the other side with a bunch of
material just from living life. Inspiration doesnʼt come from one person or
experience for me but rather the collection of experiences.

BtR: What is the next big thing for you musically?
Togiak: TOUR! Now that I have these tunes done itʼs time to promote!

BtR: Where can we find your music?

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