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Beyond the Record: Welcome! Tell us a little bit about who you are, when The Hooplas formed and how.

The Hooplas: Life brought us all together, and the band is fueled by friendship. Everyone brings their own thing to the table, so its fun every time we make a new song.

BtR: The group has been around for some amount of time. Take us through some of the moments you guys have gone through to stay together. For the readers who may be looking to start a band, what are critical components to the longevity of a group?
The Hooplas: Everyone is human and has personal life issues that can weigh heavily on the band. Being close friends helps us survive the low points. Every member is passionate about the art and the messages we send, so friendship and passion are what keep a band together.

BtR: From the founding or inception of the band, what successes have you experienced? Go in great detail! I've heard there is quite a few.

The Hooplas: We've rocked some great shows, and are known to blow the roof off everywhere we go. We have a high energy set and love making new fans at live shows.

BtR: Aside from the glamour of being in a band or being a total rockstar, there are some challenges that you may have been faced with at certain times. In your personal life, but also in your career, take us through some low moments that could have left you without a band.
The Hooplas: That's a pretty personal question, but it varies depending on the member. We love one another like brothers, so things cut deep when something happens to anyone of us. There has been some low points, but all in all we have always had each others backs since day one.

BtR: Going back in time a little ways, do you feel as though your childhood played a role in your love for music?

The Hooplas: Yeah, we all have totally different childhood idols. That plays a big roll in our all original sound.

BtR: After hearing some of the latest tracks, I find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what genre you are a part of. How would you classify your sound?

The Hooplas: Modern Progressive Rock (HOOPLA)

BtR: Do you feel the need to cater to the masses in anyway or do you prefer to be genuine in your approach?

The Hooplas: Being genuine is key to honest art, take it or leave it. Being genuine is very important to us.

BtR: As far as music creation goes, where do you guys get your inspiration from? Who inspires you to create?

The Hooplas: We pull a ton of inspiration from one another, we cut loose together and creating is new material comes natural. We like to find the meanings of songs by tapping into personal experience and opinion.

BtR: What is the next big thing for you guys? When is the next album coming up/tour?

The Hooplas: Hoping to be releasing new music by the winter, but we are focusing on touring as soon as possible.

BtR: Where can we find The Hoopla's music?

The Hooplas: Everywhere you get your music. Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, GooglePlay

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