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Beyond the Record: Welcome! Tell us a little bit about who you are, where you come from, and how you got started making music.

Tey Yaniis: One Love! My name is Tey Yaniis im a Neo-Soul/Emcee from Dallas, Texas currently located in Sacramento, Calfornia. I currently have my debut album out at the moment titled “The Soul Jones Collection” which is available in all digital retail stores worldwide. I started becoming familiar with music at a very young giving that I saw how powerful music can be with bringing my family and friends together. I started playing instruments such as trumpet and violin then later on moved into writing poetry and creating hip hop records. I felt like I gained a lot of information from just watching local artist in my neighborhood put together there own music and selling mixtapes out of the trunks on their own. That lead me to putting out my own mixtape at the age of sixteen. I learned a lot about music business at an early age and always had the drive to express myself and present my art so here I am now.

BtR: Some artists take a while before discovering that they are passionate about the arts. At what point in your life did you start making music and when did you pursue your career in music?

TY: I recorded my first song at fourteen years old on a tape player that I rented from the school library. A few years after that I learned the logistics of recording professionally. Music was my business it was a way to keep me out trouble and stay focused on goals that ive set for myself. Music as always put me in a creative space. It kept me sharp in all aspects of life. I always knew that I would pursue music or a job in the music industry. I knew music could possibly be my ticket to get myself out of my surroundings so I could see the world and pursue my passion. I always knew this what I was destined to do.

BtR: You have a very unique sound. If you could label yourself as part of one genre, do you think you would be able to do so? How do you blend so many genres together?

TY:  Thank you! I honestly couldn’t put my self in one box musically. I love Neo-Soul production and plus I am a emcee. I blend genres like house, funk, jazz, chillout and others so the music that I make is pretty broad when it comes hearing my music. I love producers like J-Dilla, Dwele,Q-Tip and Raphael Saadiq. I draw from those artist and just create something that I can be proud of at the end of the day. 

BtR: Are you inspirations drawn from music as diverse as the music that you publish? Who would some of the artists be?

TY: Of course. There will be days that all I listen is swing jazz, vibraphone, bebop, some roy ayers, charles mingus or miles davis. Some days ill listen to Nas, Digable Planets, The fugess and others. So I draw inspiration from all types of genres of music. Very diverse in taste.

BtR: Do you have any plans for touring in the near future?

TY: Yes im looking to setup a European Tour for 2018 to promote my album “The Soul Jones Collection” and Single “My Coffee Brown” so be on the lookout for 2018 for my overseas run.

BtR: Everyone has a story. Take us through some of your most difficult moments in your music career that you were able to overcome. What about some challenges in your personal life?

TY: The only difficult thing I feel that I go through getting people to understand my sound. If I just keep pushing soon they will understand.

BtR: On the flipside, what things are you most proud of?

TY: Im very proud to announce that my debut album has my very first charting and award winning single “My Coffee Brown” from being the #1 played song on Santa Clara University radio station to Charting at #36 on DigitalRadioTrackers independent top 100 for 2016. So I have alot to be thankful for and its only getting bigger and better!

BtR: When can we expect your follow up project"The Soul Jones Collection 2"

TY: Soon I hope I would like to drop TSJC2 around this fall so I working on ideas at the moment. So be on the lookout for that as well!

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