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Suburban Vermin, from Seattle, is on the rise with a growing fan base nationwide. This group features punk driven songs served with nostalgia, with a modern front and appeal. We are reviewing three tracks, which really showcases Suburban Vermin in its most raw state of being. The Awakening, Bleed For Me, and Lola are indicative of their creative works of art that is on display for the world on May 4th and 6th. These tracks are by far the best from the underground punk scene.

We've seen only reliable releases under this project name and these tracks are an addition to all of which they stand. The typical punk chords are used often from track to track but in such a manner that is rarely heard in the modern world. They use unique chordal voicings with a bass tone that surely locks well with the drumming. Though it may be somewhat of what you could expect from a punk rock group based in Seattle, they continue to push the boundries of their genre, unleashing an incredible level of depth through the lyrical themes. The genre their fans associate their sound with takes on many forms and inspirations with high octane. The Awakening proves this every step of the way. Bleed For Me taps into the modern aspects, never forgetting to take you back a few moments to yesterday's sounds as well. And doing so flawlessly.

Suburban Vermin takes you on a journey that really is none other than raw perfection, moving you in ways that develops as it continues. To me, the music ignites a sense of creativity and bravery from within as I am taken through just these three tracks alone. Again, it's amazing to think how Suburban Vermin takes common chord structures and make music that stands out from everyone competing for attention. As far as production quality goes, it is exactly that. These tracks are the product of something well thought out and was meticulously shaped, reshaped and came out so naturally. This is true quality music that I believe one day will be appreciated by the masses. 

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Our Interview with Suburban Vermin

*JV – Jason Vermin AG – Amanda Gamino AH – Ali Han Suburban Vermin*

 BtR: While it has become somewhat of a stereotype at this point, most 'local bands' aren't expected to stay together for very long. Congrats on proving many wrong. Are there any secrets?

SV: AG: keeping the personal BS at home; AH: I haven't been in the band long enough for them to want to kill me so I'm going with patience and alcohol....LOTS of Rainier and Whiskey JV: Never going to bed angry.

BtR: Elaborate on what the songwriting and recording process is like. What would you say Suburban Vermin's best song is?

SV: AG: for song writing; i like to sit on the couch with the TV on in the back ground, and mess around with the guitar until i hear a sound i like and then run with it! For recording: this last session we required LOTS of beer! JV: Songwriting is daunting for me. I usually end up writing two to three times the songs needed for my half of a project, trying them out, re-writing, cutting and pasting until something really works. AH: Hard to say which is the best but we do all have favorites I'm sure. Like with "Not Impressed" I just went ape shit on drums and told them to try to keep up and it worked. The writing process with this band for me was by far some of the easiest. They understood how I like to listen then write and some of the songs just kinda happened. I'm an emotional drummer so if I'm feeling it, it shows. If not, they know that too LOL

BtR: The band has been compared to the likes of the greatest punk bands of all time. I also stumbled upon a critic who claimed that you guys are doing what Kurt Cobain was once trying to do. What are some of the group's influences?

SV: AG: Distillers, Taking back Sunday, Pierce the Veil, Nirvana, JV: I think my influences for any given record change to what I'm listening to at any given time. I think my constants are bands like the Descendents, The Knack, Bad Religion, The Ramones and Chixdiggit! AH: I have a ton of infuences, but frst of no ofense....FUCK Kurt Cobain. Never was a huge fan, thought he got big for being dead. Anyway, I've been told if Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) and Travis Barker (Blink 182 ) had a love child it would be me. However I listen to EVERYTHING from Linkin Park to the Distillers to Metal Church or even Aerosmith. I have 11 years of classic training, was in marching band and jazz band, I just like music and friends. With Suburban Vermin I get both

BtR: Can you give us an insider look of what the Seattle music scene is like? SV: AG: Theres too many bands in Seattle trying to do the same thing! We have to keep things interesting and different to stand out. AH: Seattle....that's rough. A lot of good talent but some over saturation and (some) crap venues. Also parking sucks but I'll always love Seattle.

BtR: What are some of the struggles you have personally had to overcome in your music career to get where you are today? SV: AH: Broken friendships and dealing with addiction. With success comes temptation and stress. I've lost some good friends and gained some great ones along the way, but hey I have no regrets. It all makes me who I am and I'll never apologize for that.

BtR: On the flip side, what are some of the greatest successes in your career as a musician? SV: AG: Playing Hemp-fest, Driving a school bus to Cali, Being in this band 9 years. BtR: If you could change the music industry as it stands, what would you change and why? SV: BtR: Last but not least, where can people find and download the music? Suburbanvermin.com, Pandora, Spotify