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Stone White

Groove Thang

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This all new 11 track album from Stone White is being received well by critics and fans and is the second edition of albums to the great career behind Stone White on this project. Groove Thang is effortlessly blending some elements of feel good funk and R&B, but with a side of extras within each song, making for a truly unique mix. Few tracks are downtempo, as I feel the goal for this album was to make for a dance-friendly setting; and that it does well. By any means am I not criticizing the artist for having a diverse taste in music, but the album truly sounds different from start to finish. This is something that I find admirable. One of the main issues with some independent artists is that they find one sound and they ride it out until the end. Stone White truly is inspired by many genres and showcases them flawlessly on this release.

While this album is part of a classic collective from a genre so vast, Stone White is setting new standards and crumbling traditionalists views within the scene. The self-titled track, Groove Thang, also the first track on this record, is a single so brave and without musical barriers. The tasteful bass work is perhaps the most expressive component, serving as the focal point of the music, interweaving between the harmonious vocals and guitars. The entire album takes you on that feel good adventure that is near hypnotic that emphasize the groundwork of what he has done in the past.

The music is energetic, leaving the listener with a sense of elation through most of this record, while the calming sensation of the vocal is wrong and yet so right. This is genuinely a mature sound and is for those who seek out music that is brave, without any blueprints or barriers. It is also a tad bit nostalgic and emphasizes an old school vibe. This release here is one for those who actively seek out the most expressive voices of music. Ethnic and adventurous, almost near perfection; this music is beautiful and should never be tamed.