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siddhi kid

Beyond the Record: Welcome! Tell us a little bit about who you are, where you're from and how you got your start in music.
SIDDHI KID: Hey!  I’m an artist born and raised in the midwestern city of St. Louis, Missouri to a croatian mother and indian father… my midwestern/southern hospitality never left me, but growing up, I often felt alienated from every one around me, and it was around the age of 13 when I really connected with music as a creative outlet and voice of expression - music is the ultimate friend, always there for each other. 

BtR: At what age did you, or your parents, begin to notice you had a love for the arts and had such a creative mind?
SIDDHI KID:  It wasn’t so easy.  Though I was lucky enough to be put in piano lessons at 5, my parents were overwhelmed with raising me, my brother and sister, and my lessons soon fizzled out until I chose to pick up the sax, guitar and sing at 13.  Though my mother was a visual artist, my dad was very strict in the sense he didn’t take arts seriously.  But nevertheless, I relentlessly persisted  and performed whenever and wherever I could. 

BtR: Do you feel as though your childhood played a role in cultivating your love of music?
SIDDHI KID:  Definitely!  For all the things I said above.  By my teens, music quickly became so much to me.  It was an endless space to explore, it was (and still is) exciting, felt such an intuitive move for me …beyond a haven of express in my fortress of solitude, it was also a form of rebellion where I could do whatever and say whatever I felt despite my parents wishes.  

BtR: Talk a little bit about your upcoming release that your fans have been talking about for a while now. When can we expect to see it?
SIDDHI KID: I just released my first original under SIDDHI KID, Deep in You.  I honestly love this song so much.  I’ve played it more times than I think any other song I’ve ever listened to in my whole life.  In it’s making, I may have obsessed over every little detail - but this song represent so much for me — being able to fruitfully produce an idea into fruition — it started as a drunken singing jam while pre-gaming at 2016 Coachella Day 2, it was spontaneous and raw and from there, I wanted to bottle up a sexual experience into a song.  I just think it’s a fun song.  Even if no one ended up liking it, I wouldn’t care - it is truly a lovechild of mine.  

BtR: How exactly would you label your music? Do you feel as though you’re a 'genre bender' in some way? A purist? A traditionalist?
SIDDHI KID: My music is all over the place - it’s probably my biggest challenge as an artist to stick to one thing - i don't think i ever will stick to one thing.  Can’t tie me down, bitch!  Haha!  So, I’ve coined my genre-bending sound as “Kaleidoscope” to include it’s varying degrees of electronic, soul, pop, alternative and house music.  

BtR: And how do you stand out from others within the electronic genre?
SIDDHI KID: I don’t think there’s anyone doing what I’m doing.  You’ll just have to pay attention and witness the unfolding process and be a part of it!!

BtR: Care to give an insight on the production of this record itself? How is it recorded? Which song holds the most meaning for you?
SIDDHI KID:  When you here the songs from Animalism (release date tbd), my process was in bottle inspiration, and refining and refining until I had something I could listen to on repeat and truly enjoy.  That’s when I felt a song was done.  This process has gotten more and more efficient with each production, as all my years of being a singer/musician align with the production side.  They all hold deep meaning and value - I’m the typical unconditional loving mother and these songs are my lil babies.  

BtR: As someone who has been on the scene for some time now, what advice would you give to a fan who would like to start their own project?
SIDDHI KID: Got to shows … Be confident and humble and take great risks and respect every one around you — it’s such a collaborative process all the way around … be authentically you, whatever that means to you.  

BtR: Tell us which artists and people inspire you to do what you do.
SIDDHI KID: Not to cop out on this, but every artist and every person and every thing inspires me all of the time … I’m a highly sensitive person and always in tune … even when it seems I’m not … it all effects me and consequently the writing process.  But overall, the need I cannot explain — it’s just simply there and I could work on music forever — the only thing that limits me is my physical body — otherwise I would do it day and night without stopping!  Whether I become insanely successful as an artist, or not, I simply don’t care - I’ll keep doing it because I must.  

BtR: After this record is released, what is next for you?
SIDDHI KID: More records!!!  I’d like to play all of the festivals lolll.  And expand on some other musical projects … I have a lot of songs I’d just like to share with the world.  


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