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Sheer Bravado! (feat. Jai lynn)

Slipping away & look at me now

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This star is on the rise with a growing fan base from all over the world. With a superb collection of songs behind this creative mind, we dive deep into Sheer Bravado's tracks; Slipping Away and Look At Me Now, which is perhaps one of this year's best underground singles thus far, at least for their genre. The up-beat backbone of musical truth and hope, is swaying behind Jai's breathtaking vocal melodies. Matched by a level of superb musicianship and guitar work, the song takes you on a journey that really is none other than perfection, moving you in ways that develops emotionally as it continues.

With tracks like Slipping Away and Look At Me Now, the lyrical themes entwines with the music and message effortlessly. In its entirety, these two singles are undoubtedly motivated and becomes quite evident from the first few seconds of both tracks. However, Sheer Bravado! focuses his abilities as a songwriter on the music itself and keeps the ability of guitar mastery at the forefront of the listener's mind. All of which - the music provides an illustrative backdrop for his expressive melodic guitar style and brings to life what emotions he is trying to conjure in his fans. Jai manages to bring nostalgia to the track, as it reminds me a bit of yesterday's pop-rock records, which is to the betterment of the music. Clear and concise with the message and wording of the music; showcasing a level of precision, and accuracy. I feel as though this record will appeal to a larger group of people extending

to even those who may not particularly enjoy this particular genre.

While these tracks may be able to reach the masses in one way or another, this is a record for those who truly appreciate art in a boundary-less form. I find that freeing and compelling for many generations to come.