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BtR: Welcome! Tell us a little bit about who you are, where you're
from and where you're living now.
SDLT: I was born in Lima-Perú, I am a Gemini, and now I am a father of 2 beautiful kids living in California.
I am a passionate artist who creates songs since I am 14 years old, now I am 43. 
I am also a videographer, and I practice kickboxing, lol.

BtR: There are many artists who come to love music early on in life. At what age
did you fully pursue music and do you feel as though your childhood played a
role in your love for music?
SDLT: Well, I grew up in a house full of rockers and the love for music was since I was born I guess. 
When I was a teenager, my brother gave me a guitar, and since then I create music. 
I trained my voice since the young age, and I became a rock star when I was 20 years old.

BtR: As far as labeling the music goes, I feel as though it is hard to pin point
where you fit on a spectrum. If you could label your music as one genre, what
would it be?
SDLT: I create many different styles of music, I am a composer and I love all genres. But if I have to put a label onto my new album, 
probably would be SOULFUL - MAJESTIC ROCK

BtR: And as far as a genre goes, who are your inspirations to make music?
SDLT: Many artist artists inspired me to create music, like Buena Vista Social Club, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Bob Marley, etc.

BtR: You were a big hit in the 90's and you have big plans in the future. Tell
us a little bit about your experience during that time and some of your fond
SDLT: In the 90’s, I was the leader of FRAGIL a progressive rock band in Perú. It was a great experience because I learned what to do and what not to do with my career. They were 20 years older than me. I traveled a lot and met a lot of cool people, I partied a lot and worked a lot too.
I have great memories including the cliché of sex, drugs, and rock and roll!

BtR: Moving forward, what is next for you?
SDLT: I am producing 7 more albums simultaneously! They are different styles of genres. 
I will release one by one every 10 month approximately. I like to make the videos of each song since I am a videographer as well.
It’s a wonderful journey that I am creating, and I am enrolling a lot of people into it. 

BtR: There are quite a few artists and musicians that have hidden messages in
their music, while others are very open. Which of your songs is the most
personal to you?
SDLT: I don’t hide anything. The thought to make music is to express and be open. I think all my songs are personal, since they all are coming from my mind.

BtR: Your music has been placed in the film. Just how many films are we talking
SDLT: Between feature films and TV series, I think around 20.

BtR: Take us through some of the lowest moments in your music career but also in
your personal life.
SDLT: Well, after my 1st solo album was release released independently, everything was awesome because I was touring and being the sensation of the moment. After that, a record label named “MILAN” signed me, I was feeling that finally, I found the end of the rainbow, because I had distribution all over the US and Europe, placing my album in the most important stores as new sensation, but following a couple of months, I was going out of cash because I spent tons of money in the recording, like a good 50k and the touring with a 7 peace band was also a very expensive situation, since it was a promotional tour, hotels, food, transportation and the money that each musician charge per show. After that tour, I was exhausted and I realize that it was time for me to start a family with my girlfriend of many years. She got pregnant, and it was 2008 when all the economy of the country went down, so we were in the circumstance that we both were out of works, and she was almost due.
Suddenly my mind started to play tricks with me, I start having panic attacks, I gained weight, I was depressed, and my music career was something in the past already, since that record label went to bankruptcy and never paid me a dime and I spent all my money pushing that album. So, I was stayed home dad for a year trying to figure it out what to do with my life. But all that was just a wake-up call to re invented myself me to a better artist and person. It took me 5 years to understand that process, in the mean time I started to work on my own as a video director for music videos and composed like 100 songs. LOL!

BtR: On the flipside, what have you overcome that you are most proud of? What
successes have you had?
SDLT: My family ;)

BtR: If you had the power to change the music industry as it stands, would you
change it, and if so, what would you change about it?
SDLT: If I have the power to change something, I will give equal opportunities to different genres, and I wouldn’t invest all the money in the typical teenager over produced thing. 

BtR: Where can people find your music?
SDLT: The best way is my website, then you can go anywhere you prefer, like Facebook, or YouTube. But a quick stop through my website will help you to understand a little bit more about me.

Thanks so much for this cool interview.

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