For A Rose

From banjos to strings. For A Rose is more in the realm of what Pariah Folk is known for releasing, falling into a musical realm of modern singer-songwriter folk. Acoustic guitar based, seemingly in an opening tuning of some kind, the group creates an atmosphere of warmth with unique open chordal structures and soft spoken lyrics. The

soft spoken vocal melodies are constantly interweaving between harmonies, but often leaving the music itself to be the focal point. The two-piece take an unconventional approach to a seemingly conventional genre in doing so - by making the music the forefront, rather than the vocal.

Pariah Folk truly makes this one an adventure to be ventured and song to be sung. Though I am at a loss of words for just how great this track really is, it is a must listen, featuring a great plethora of motivation to write probably their best song to date. For A Rose is truly inspiring, none other than near perfection from start to finish, as it comes to a close with some strings woven into the later half of the track. After hearing both of these songs, I can almost hear their thought processes in writing, their plan of execution of such great compositions, and it becomes evident. As I'm sure it may be painfully obvious, as I have already stated such, this is probably one of their best releases yet. It's honest. It's bold. It brings with it an atmosphere of warmth. It will catch your ear and as you listen on repeat for the fifth time, you might just find yourself going for the sixth round. I truly believe that For A Rose will find itself on NPR, or some other station at some point. This single is definitive of what Pariah Folk is and what they ought to be.

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Gopher it

Starting off with what I would have considered a rather strange combination of genres, this track pleasantly surprised me. Pariah Folk kicks off the track with a 20-second, woodsy sounding sample intro that comes in the form of a gentle but long greeting. As the music begins to play, I become pleasantly surprised with what the music unfolds into. Going from a funky-folk atmosphere, the song unveils itself as very radio friendly indie, yet overwhelmingly pop mix, but in the non-traditional sense. Gopher It reminds a lot of what was being played a few years back, but really makes this release all their own.

This single really grew on me more as it continued- I could hear just how properly Pariah Folk managed to execute this from beginning to end. This is more of a contrast to what the group is known for releasing, at least genre-wise, as all of the indie-folk elements are watered down. Sure, it may be sounding like I'm bashing this single, but in reality, this is a solid and superb single.

I think it is apparent that Pariah Folk was trying to appeal to the masses, but they did it in an appealing manner and were ultimately successful at doing so.

What makes this pop single stand out from what you hear on the radio, is true talent, and a melodious thoughtful banjo solo to close out the mix. If I didn't like this track, I certainly would not have given it the rating that I did, but I truly think this single possesses great potential to appeal to the masses while appealing to the underground. It is very radio friendly, and something I could imagine tuning into on a road trip, heading back from a vacation on a sunny Sunday morning.

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