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BBeyond the Record: Welcome! Tell us a little bit about who you are, when THE
Paranova formed and how.
PARANOVA: Hey! So Paranova is made up of four musicians. Dylan (18) plays guitar, Logan (20) drums, Erin (19) bass, and Owen (26) sings. It all started with me (Erin), Dylan, and Logan, who met at the School of Rock in Scottsdale. We realized that we liked and listened to the same music, which was primarily Tool and Deftones at the time. We started jamming Fall 2016 and tracked some super rough takes of Embers and Deliverance. Over a few months, we auditioned multiple singers with no success until Owen randomly found our ad on Craigslist. He wrote vocal parts to both of the tracks… When we heard them, we were instantly sold. 
BtR: The group has been around for a considerable amount of time. Take us
through some of the moments you guys have gone through to stay together. For the
readers who may be looking to start a band, what are critical components to the
longevity of a group?
PARANOVA: Communication is key. This is something we have learned over and over again. It’s so easy to get heated or argumentative while sending messages to each other, and if this happens, it’s important to step back and remember that everyone has a different perspective, and it’s crucial to take the time to understand every single one. Even though you’re in a band with your friends, you have to respect them at all costs. Being in a band is like being in a long-term relationship… It takes work.
BtR: From the founding or inception of the band, what successes have you
experienced? Go in great detail! I've heard there is quite a few.
PARANOVA: One of our fondest memories was winning the Battle for Knotfest, which meant that we got to play an awesome metal festival in San Bernardino. We got to play in front of the biggest crowd we’ve ever had with a broad range of bands, and we met Corey Taylor (who was so nice to us!) Later that night, the guys were able to sneak backstage for Slipknot. 
BtR: Aside from the glamour of being in a band or being a total rockstar, there
are some challenges that you may have been faced with at certain times. In your
personal life, but also in your career, take us through some low moments that
could have left you without a band.
PARANOVA: We’ve all been through some difficult things in our personal lives, but the band has always been something that we have come back to as a sort of escape. It’s a setting where we can channel all of our thoughts and feelings into creative energy. 
BtR: Going back in time a little ways, do you feel as though your childhood
played a role in your love for music?
PARANOVA: We were all lucky enough to be raised in households where music was our gospel. It all differed, of course… I was raised on Bruce Springsteen, Dylan on Sabbath, Owen on James Taylor, and Logan on alternative rock (he beat us to it.) Regardless of our differences, we have always been exposed to music in one way or another. And our parents have always been incredibly supportive, which helps so much.
BtR: After hearing some of the latest tracks, I find it difficult to pinpoint
exactly what genre you are a part of. How would you classify your sound?
PARANOVA: We’d love to know the answer to that as well! We’ve been describing ourselves as “alternative rock,” which is probably as accurate of a genre categorization as we can get. The truth is, we keep it broad because we don’t want to confine our sound to a particular genre. We’re still relatively new to writing music, and want to explore as many sounds as possible in our songwriting.
BtR: Do you feel the need to cater to the masses in anyway or do you prefer to
be genuine in your approach?
PARANOVA: We’re rather stubborn with this topic. This band began because we wanted to make ourselves better as musicians, and we approach songwriting with that in mind. Luckily, the music that we naturally make is overall enjoyable to the masses, but we wrote with our own intentions in mind.
BtR: What is the next big thing for you guys? When is the next album coming
PARANOVA: We are finally releasing our first full album, “Hyperhollow,” on July 7th. We’re really proud of this one! Following this release, we will be going on a quick tour with a killer band called Gold Season. We’re kicking it off with a release show/party at Club Red on July 7th. Other than this, we are so obsessed with writing music that we have already began with ideas for album number 2!
BtR: Where can we find PARANOVA's music?
PARANOVA: Our first single off of the new album, “Headline,” is available on Spotify and Apple Music at the moment. Once our album is released, it will be available on all major streaming services!

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