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Last look back

Official started off his career being a semi-professional basket ball player, an idea pushed by his mom to keep him out of trouble, who would later find himself wanting to spread his love for music in the form of rap. This record takes on many forms and isn't something that I would necessarily classify as simply rap music. Containing seven tracks on this release, the listener is left with an experimentation from various genres that include R&B, some electronic sampling here and there, hip-hop backing tracks, some light vocal melodies, and is topped off with rapped vocals.

The music at times speaks in a dramatic manner, and at other times, in a soothing soft-spoken tone. This is something that I seek out from an album. A collection of songs that are individually unique, but collectively come together to form a similar message without sounding the same. This is a huge issue with the underground rap community at this time, but also plagues other genres like independent folk artists. Songs can be often in the same key, which to me, strikes me as lazy. Last Look Back is a great addition to the world of underground rap and is a true honest effort to be unique, which he does exactly that.

 Official is not afraid to express himself in anyway, as each song is explicit. Mainstream artists often water down their message, but we can all appreciate Official's uncoated words of truth. An artist who tells it like it is, for what its worth. With all of this, I highly encourage anyone who is a fan of hip-hop music to give this a listen.


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