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Mr Lewis

stand up

track review

We get few underground artists featured on Beyond the Record that possess this level of passion for the art and message within their music. This singles features an incredible dedication to mastery as a songwriter, but also as a creative mind. Mr Lewis continues to grow a dedicated fan base and is becoming the veteran of his scene; from within the underground, Stand Up is one of this year's best singles I have reviewed by far.

Mr Lewis manages to bring a sensation of nostalgia to this release and is reminiscent of the classic rock era while keeping a modern appeal the focal point of Stand Up. To the betterment of the music, he is concise with his wording and showcases his artistic mind with meaning. Depth. Precision. Accuracy. I feel as though this record will appeal to a larger group of people extending to even those who may not particularly enjoy the rock genre. While this may be an album that can reach the masses in one way or another, this is a record for those who truly appreciate art in a boundary-less form. I find that freeing and compelling for many generations to come.