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Monti Eva

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Beyond the Record: Welcome! Tell us a little bit about Monti Eva and who exactly the duo is behind the group. How did the two of you meet?

Monti Eva: We met in school however it wasn’t exactly best friends at first sight. We had very different friendship groups. Gordon was always in the library reading about Thor’s hammer and I (Matt) was the one always teasing him.  However as time went on we started to realize that we are actually pretty similar.
BtR: Reading a little bit about this project online, I noticed you both have a form of autism. Tell us a little bit about some of the challenges that the two of you have faced and had to overcome in your daily lives.

Monti Eva: We both deal with things quite differently however we are both a MASSIVE fan of routine and sometimes we used to find various social activities quite challenging, however, playing music together and performing has let us overcome that. 

BtR: As far as having asperger syndrome, I am a firm believer that it may
enhance your creative abilities. Do the two of you feel this way?

Monti Eva: I bloody well hope so! 
BtR: Elaborate on the creative process the two of you take to make such great music. Go into the little details as well if you could!

Monti Eva: Matt writes the songs on piano and will present a stripped back version of the song. We will then bounce ideas around and try various structures, sounds, beats, tempos to see what fits.  Then about an hour later Matt will decide he hates the whole thing and we will start again…

BtR: Take us through some of low moments that this band has faced, not just personally, but as a career. How did you overcome those challenges?

Monti Eva: We have always found that our music is quite different from ‘cooler’ bands. So we did face a fair share of criticism in the early days however as we got older we started to realise it didn’t matter what was ‘cool and current’ we did it for the sheer joy of playing in a band with your mates. 
BtR: On the flipside, what are some of this projects best moments? What are the two of you most proud of?

Monti Eva: We successfully sold out Camden Barfly which was a great feeling. I also think when working so closely together, the fact we haven’t inflicted (much) violence on each other is quite an achievement!

BtR: If you could give some advice to your younger fans about starting a band (and keeping one), what would you say?
Monti Eva: Do it with people you enjoy being around. Otherwise it will become a chore. 

BtR:  Monti Eva has released an EP. We love it here at Beyond the Record. What was the recording process like and where is it available?

Monti Eva: We recorded with Hoffen Productions and the process was actually really straight forward. We laid down drums and bass first and built the tracks from there in the studio. It was good to dedicate a few days to each song as it allowed the creative juices to flow. No sexual pun intended. 
BtR: Last but not least, where can fans listen to the music?

Monti Eva: EVERYWHERE. It is on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc etc Just type in ‘Monti Eva’ and you will find it! You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by typing in ‘Monti Eva’