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Beyond the Record: How did your band get started?
Dimitri: Funnily enough I was thinking of that today. About 18 months ago, I went for a cup of tea at Irene's house (she makes really good tea) and she felt inspired to invite me for a good old fashioned jam to see what happens. So we went. There was instant magic, chemistry and inspiration so we kept going. By that time we had already been friends for at least 10 years, same goes for Nick and Thanos too.

BtR: How much would you say your up bringing influenced your style of music? How would you say you got started making music?

Dimitri: Human beings haven't discovered yet how children's memories really work and there are certain noises or even smells that bring back memories and emotions. There weren't any artists in my family but even as a toddler listening to music from my mom's radio or the car would totally put me into a complete state of inspiration and higher vibration. Later on, at a more appropriate age I chose what I listened to and a whole new world unfolded in front of me and immediately I felt the need to be part of it, no matter what. I think I started making music the moment I picked up my first acoustic guitar and played endlessly Metallica songs really badly, I would take a break and create my riffs and they sucked... but I never stopped and that's what really matters or should I say and nothing else matters :)

BtR: You are all very passionate about the message in your music, what would you say ignited
your passion initially as an artist?
Dimitri: Well first of all, this unconditional love for music and in my case musical instruments became an extension of my mind and emotions and it was the closest thing ever to making me feel Divine. I reckon anyone who does it with passion and for the right reason has got a message and a story to tell.

BtR: What continues to feed your everyday drive so that you continue to evolve as an artist - refusing to 'get stuck' perhaps.

Dimitri: Everything really, nature, cinema, books, my band mates and listening to other great artists. Sometimes I feel like I would need more time in this time space reality to accomplish all
of my music experiences it really never ends, kinda like the universe that expands nonstop. I think everyone in this band feels the same way too.

BtR: Do you have any particular dream collabs that you would love to perform with some day and if so who are they?
Dimitri: Anything inspiring would be good. Maybe someone from a different musical background. I guess with an artist from a manouche band to Tom Waits, Bryan Ferry, Nick Cave and Iggy Pop.

BtR: Most artists have a busy life in today's world. How much of your time is dedicated to mastering your craft?
Dimitri: Well I guess that's complicated because there are a lot of things going on. Music creation (ideas -songwriting) rehearsals, pre-production, recording, mixing-mastering PR, social media, graphics, booking, legal and finance. Now keep in mind that the band members have to find common times for all of the above. So yes the answer is it takes a lot of time!

BtR: Out of all the things you do in your busy schedule, what part of music makes it the most worth it?

Dimitri: Obviously the live shows, this interaction is a Divine feeling and nothing really can top it.

BtR: What sets your music aside from other artists within your genre?
Dimitri: Maximum High didn't invent the wheel but what we do is original and comes from the heart. One thing that I wanna point out though is that we don't use autotune or edit the shit out of it just to sound tight and massive , what you hear is what you get on a live show, probably live is even better.

BtR: What is the music scene like in your city? How do you feel you have contributed to it? Do you feel like you have made a positive impact? Dimitri: I have lost touch with the music scene in Greece as I had been living abroad for many years. I always make a positive impact :) I will say right now that anyone out there reading this, if you’re planning to start a band DO IT! , the things I have seen and experienced are indescribable but be wise when choosing who to work with. A good player doesn't noodle or Bragg, a good player is a pocket player and gets the job done, he/she is also there to help you unload your heavy cabinet behind a filthy venue and he always has your back. Is this too much to ask? Well..maybe but it feels great once it's accomplished.

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