Beyond the record presents

Maurice Bailey


Album Review

We get few underground artists featured on Beyond the Record that possess this level of passion for the art and message within their music. This record features an incredible dedication to mastery as a music producer. Maurice Bailey continues to receive recognition for his work, gain a loyal fan base in a short time period and is becoming a veteran of the scene. From within the underground, #RMXZ is one of this year's best albums by far.

With tracks like Firework, the lyrical theme entwines with the music and message effortlessly. In its entirety, this record is undoubtedly unique, becoming quite evident from the first track. Bailey focuses his abilities as a true artist and on the music itself on this album, forgetting to even attempt to appeal to the masses with a watered down pop single. From track to track, #RMXZ borrows heavily from various inspirations and genres; making it all its own. As we move on from track to track throughout the record, the music strikes me with a sense of somber feel. It's downtempo, it's chill, dramatic at times, but near calming. I cannot stress enough that this record is like none other. Bailey brings something to the table that is of its own entity, sounding like yesterday with an appeal of today's music. 

Bailey manages to bring a sensation of nostalgia to this release and reminds of the golden era of electronic music while keeping a modern appeal the focal point of each track. I feel as though this record will appeal to a larger group of people extending to even those who may not particularly enjoy this genre, whatever that may be. While this may be an album that can reach the masses in one way or another, this is a record for those who truly appreciate art in a boundary-less form. I find that freeing and compelling for many generations to come.

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