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Beyond the Record: Welcome. Tell us a little bit about who you are and how you became passionate about music.
Matt Hipps: I have always been passionate about music. Growing up my father always had something new playing around the house or in the car. I was always drumming, I drove just about everyone nuts and still do because I'm always tapping on something. When I had just turned 17 James had come around to the home studio we had at the time and we toyed around for a while until I realized "Hey, something good is going on over here so why stop now?" A few weeks later we had my cover EP on bandcamp and ever since the spark has been lit. 

BtR: At what point did you actively pursue music as a career?
MH: Once I had realized my love for the guitar and songwriting I knew it was my gig. I developed into songwriting very quickly and knew that I was only evolving in that aspect so it felt great and still continues to. The life of music is for me, there are certain things out there that you just know you are meant to do. Music is without a doubt mine. 

BtR: What songs do you typically start your day off with?
MH: I mix it up just about everyday. My songs for today are.... 1. Lust for Life by Iggy Pop. 
2. Dry the Rain by The Beta Band. 
3. All I Want To Do is Rock by Travis. 
4. Back Door man by The Doors. 

BtR: How do you deal with negativity with music?
MH: It doesn't exist to me, I mean of course it is there obviously but everyone has a group of people whos goal is to be a pain In the ass. I deal with it by continuing to do what I am good at, which is making music. The only person who can allow them to bring me down is me, and that's just simply impossible. 

BtR: Care to elaborate on the recording process of your latest EP?
MH: It was a great time. I had the songs written up and contacted a good friend of mine Logan who is a wizard in the making with his stuff man. We already had "Memories"finished up a while back so we only had a couple tunes to record actually. I would play the guitar and sing and give Logan the feel of how I want the music, and he sends in the record when its ready sounding great with more instruments and musicians who I haven't had the pleasure in meeting but still did a fabulous job and I give them a tremendous thank you. 

BtR: Who or what would you say inspired this latest creation?
MH: A film titles "Inside Llewyn Davis," with Oscar Isaac. The film has some of the greatest folk songs I have ever listened to. Its funny though because I had never actually met anyone who had watched the film except for my friends until I was in the studio that day. I had just finished vocals on "Locked Out" and a great guy in the studio said it was his favorite, so cheers to that guy and the film. 

BtR: As an artist, there are some challenges that you may have been faced with at certain times. In your personal life, but also in your career, take us through some low moments in your life.
MH: Everyone goes through hard times, its just apart of life. I don't go heavy into detail on my personal life but it definitely inspires me as an artist. You have to remember to wake up and  pursue your goals and not let the troubling issues overcome who you are.

BtR: After hearing some of the latest tracks, I find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what genre you are a part of. How would you classify your sound?
MH: I just make songs I find enjoyable, I'm not able to trim it down to one sound for you really. When it comes to press its always in-between indie acoustic and folk. What In the hell is that exactly though? Lets just call it good tunes. 

BtR: Do you feel the need to cater to the masses in anyway or do you prefer to be genuine in your approach?
MH: Absolutely not. I will always stay true to myself before anything else comes into play. I love to make music right? So I hope those who enjoy my songs continue to have a great time with them. Those out there who do not like it can move around it or beat it because I'm not changing for a soul out there. 

BtR: If you had to give us three artists and three records that have truly inspired you to do what you do today, what would they be?
MH: These are the questions that make these fun. 
The Stone Roses were a blessing to hear the first time my father showed me them, I was grounded so I played the CD for like 4 hours straight that night in my room. 

BtR: What is the next big thing for you musically?
MH: I plan to get back into writing new songs very soon, for the time I have just been promoting the EP. 

BtR: Where can we find your music?
MH: "Memories" can be found on ITunes, Apple Music, and Spotify. "Tales From a Cabin Boy" can be found at

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