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Beyond the Record: Welcome! Tell us a little bit about who you are, where you're
from and where you're living now.
MANCHESTER RAIN: I live between Manchester, England and the French Alps. I have small recording studios in both places, and I love the contrast between the cityscape and the mountains.
BtR: There are many artists who come to love music early on in life. At what age
did you fully pursue music and do you feel as though your childhood played a
role in your love for music?
MR: I remember getting hooked on music from a young age; recording the theme tunes to my favourite cartoons! I would get a little obsessive over them and learn them; which was probably an odd thing to do, now I think of it! I got into messing around with music quite some time ago and had a spell rapping and making a bit of a name for myself. As for production and taking that seriously it’s only really been the last couple of years.
BtR: As far as labelling the music goes, I feel as though it is hard to pin point
where you fit on a spectrum. If you could label your music as one genre, what
would it be?
MR: I suppose alternative pop is the best term I can use to describe the music. It’s urban tinged, synth laden music, laced with atmospheric effects. But it’s wrapped up in a nice approachable
BtR: And as far as a genre goes, who are your inspirations to make music?
MR: I have an eclectic taste, and my favourite music at the moment includes a band called
TesseracT, an 80’s synth pop group called Gunship and I love my 90’s Hiphop.
BtR: Elaborate on the process of recording your latest music video. Take us
through all the little details. How was the experience for you?
MR: We shot the video in and around Manchester, and the camera guy did an edit of the video that I was a little underwhelmed with. So I asked for the raw footage in its entirety and then simply set about learning Adobe Premiere, which is a video editing program, so that I could produce the video myself. So the edit and production is all my own work. I’m proud of it as I think it looks stunning and it means I’ve had a hand in every part of the whole package. I love working with video.
BtR: As far as recording your music, take us through the recording process.
MR: I produce the skeleton of each song, in a program called Reason; which includes the drum programming; and then everything gets exported and put inside a Pro Tools session where I record any external instruments and any vocals. I have some great mics and studio outboard so I’m a bit of a geek like that. I will often audition a ton of different setups before settling on one for any given
BtR: Your debut single seems to have some hidden messages in it; would that be right?
MR: Well, it’s quite literal with its references to the city of Manchester, but I suppose the general vibe is that, we can all see though the bad times to the good, ahead.
BtR: Take us through some of the lowest moments in your music career?
MR: In reality, whilst being involved with music for a long time; this project is brand new. But as an overall picture; I suppose I regret not being able to focus on music in a more productive manner; I’m easily distracted; be it with other creative projects or so called ‘real’ life issues.
BtR: Tell us a little bit about your passion for animal rights:
MR: When I was a kid; I was walking, in a place called Stockport, just outside of Manchester; and I saw a guy being manhandled by some police officers; I remember thinking ‘what has he done’; it turned out he was handing flyers to the public highlighting animal abuse in cosmetic testing, and he was outside a shop selling such items. That stuck with me; that one moment and from then on, I’d be aware of, and look into, these things in depth. Even to this day; it’s a sad sad state of affairs; and so much work needs to be done.
BtR: If you had the power to change the music industry as it stands, would you change it, and if so, what would you change?
MR: I’m not sure I would change much. Gone are the days of major labels making massive money on CD’s and the digital revolution was a bad thing for a while; but it was always going to turn good; I knew that at the time. Accessing the music you love is so easy now that nobody needs to pirate music; so things came good in the end. I think things look positive and wouldn’t change much at all.
BtR: Where can people find your music?
MR: The debut, self-titled, single; Manchester Rain is out now on all leading online retailers such as iTunes, Amazon and streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer. As well, there is a shop on my
website where you can buy direct and even download studio quality WAV versions!

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