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Starting her career at the young age of 13, Madelyn Victoria brings to the table her new self-titled EP and has seen many successes along the way. Some of which include opening for some of the biggest names in country and also a #1 single on country AM/FM charts.

Normally, we like to talk up the artist, talk up the EP, and go from there. This is a great EP and this one is a little different. Victoria brings something new to the genre of country, at least in the sense that she is striving to stay away from the country-pop mix. Or so it appears that way. At least for the genre, you see many artists who go after the market of infusing as much pop music to their sound as humanly possible with whatever being left over; is typically labeled 'country'. This could be to attract younger listeners, as this is quite a large portion of the market, but it is done so poorly. For the last decade, this has been a near marketing stunt that has swept the nation which will hopefully die out soon. Victoria is different. There isn't a trace of drum sampling, there isn't a desire to sell out as an artist to appeal to the masses, and Victoria is proving that you can be successful without selling yourself out.

On this self titled EP, she opens with "Hold On" which is the most perfect song to welcome new listeners. Just to elaborate on the powerful lyrics, swelling guitars and how well each track goes from point A to point B. I recommend this not to just country fans, but everyone.

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