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Beyond the Record: Welcome! Tell us a little bit about who you are, when
Lonescar formed and how.
Lonescar: The band was formed in late 2013 in the Rio Grande Valley, as just a couple of friends wanting to make some heavy ass music. We went through a handful of line up changes, but now we’re a solid act full of people who know what they want out of this life and this band. After putting in the work and playing numerous shows across south Texas, we signed with Rock Angels Management in 2014 and shortly after began working on our first EP, Bloodluck at Sound of Rain Studios (Edinburg, TX) with producer Charlie Vela. Released in 2015, the groove and thrash influenced sound delivered by Bloodluck quickly won over fans and got us a good amount of attention from the local scene. Since then, we’ve performed alongside pro international touring acts such as Sepultura, Whitechapel, Darkest Hour, Havok, At All Cost, Extinction A.D., Black Fast, and more. Two years after our debut release, we’re now preparing to unleash a new EP, rightfully titled More Chingon Than Before. Recorded at Widowmaker Studios (McAllen, TX) with Joshua Lopez, “More Chingon Than Before” takes our developing sound and pushes it to new limits.
BtR: The group has been around for a considerable amount of time. Take us
through some of the moments you guys have gone through to stay together. For the
readers who may be looking to start a band, what are critical components to the
longevity of a group?
Brian: Shows, parties, and possible incarcerations have made us the closest of friends. Too many stories to tell an exact specific moment, but last time we hit the road was really one of the first make it or break it moments. We all learned so much about that experience and from each other. One of the main things to have for your band members if you want this to last is mutual respect. You can’t possibly make real music with someone you don’t like, trust me.
Mike: To put things into perspective, Michael and I are the “original” Lonescar members if you want to get technical. We’ve gone through line up changes since 2013, mainly in the guitar department, but those changes weren’t anything too critical since Michael was essentially the main songwriter.  Once we got Joe, Brian, and J.C. on the team, things got whipped into shape, so I would say that this band has only really been active since then. Joe stepped down earlier this year to pursue other interests, but we still love him like a brother. 
One of the biggest challenges for us as a band was making things work while Michael was four hours away in San Antonio attending college. It was a big waiting period. We were able to get the Bloodluck EP out in that time but it was a slow process. Overall, to ensure the longevity of your band – and any relationship really – you need to have a solid foundation of communication. Any time that’s missing, you’re going to run into problems – whether it’s one person wanting to quit but not knowing how or another who just isn’t happy with how something is happening, those things need to be communicated and resolved if you plan on making music with each other.
BtR: From the founding or inception of the band, what successes have you
experienced? Go in great detail! I've heard there is quite a few.
Mike: We have been fortunate enough to perform with some solid acts. Sepultura was the first “big” band we got to share the stage with, and from there we really started to kick some ass. Whitechapel, Darkest Hour, Arsis, Starkill, and Havok are just a few of the other bands we have gotten to perform alongside. There’s some more in the past that we can bring up but the most recent one that we’re really proud of is Scarveza, the beer that we put out in collaboration with a local brewery, Rabble Rouser Brewing Company. Michael was spearheading that movement, and before we knew it, his vision came to life and it was damn good. Fidel and Marisol from the brewery really nailed what he was describing and the beer has gotten a very positive reception. It sold out in its debut and at the first show that we brought it out, and people are actually buying kegs of the stuff. We’re looking into getting it bottled and out into different markets, hopefully we’ll have those details ironed out soon. 
Brian: Countless amazing fans and a side of sanity. I would’ve never seen if it wasn’t for this band. Personal and band life have been in tiptop shape since I’ve joined and I can’t wait for it to get better.

BtR: Aside from the glamour of being in a band, there are some challenges that
you may have been faced with at certain times. In your personal life, but also
in your career, take us through some low moments that could have left you
without a band.
Brian: To be honest with you, I haven’t had any low point that would’ve left me without a band since this band has formed. Life is really good when you shape it around the band, not the other way around. Music is my life and it is what I want to do for the rest of my time here, so why worry about work or other bullshit that doesn’t matter when you already found the thing that makes you happy.
Mike: I would say that we’re blessed. So far nothing major has caused a disturbance in our lives that has been powerful enough to sway our attention from the goals we have in mind -  though we’re relatively young, who knows what life will throw at us. 

BtR: Going back in time a little ways, do you feel as though your childhood
played a role in your love for music?
Brian: Of course. If you don’t take inspirations from your own life, is it really your music?
Mike: We come from the south most tip of Texas, a border region with Hispanic culture up the ass. It was unavoidable that we were exposed to a TON of good music. There are so many corridos and norteno songs with the sickest rhythm sections, I remember being a kid and singing along to the bass lines to some of those older jams. I would definitely say that our heritage and region shaped our love for music as kids.
BtR: After hearing some of the latest tracks, I find it difficult to pinpoint
exactly what sub genre of metal you are a part of. How would you classify your
Brian: METAL. We don’t cater to subgenres. We like listeners to not expect anything we do. Dynamic as hell and heavy as fuck, always!
Mike: Good question, I never really was able to pinpoint it either. Some people would just call it all “bad.” Lonescar is just metal. 
BtR: Do you feel the need to cater to the masses in anyway or do you prefer to
be genuine in your approach?
Brian: Genuine as possible. Pretty much our way or the highway.
Mike: I think that by being genuine, we cater to our fans. You’ll never get anything out of us that was put out “just because” or “because we need to sound that way.” There were tracks that didn’t make this last EP, for instance, that we decided to leave out because we aren’t the type to included filler songs in our releases – not like “Affirmation,” the album’s intro that is intended to send a message, but spare riffs and ideas strung together to make a “song.” More Chingon Than Before was made to be a nonstop force, and that comes because we were genuine in our approach. 

BtR: What is your take on the current mainstream music industry? What would you
change about it?
Brian: Mainstream music has always been a joke. I couldn’t care less what any artist is doing and wouldn’t change anything. Stick to our own tunes and operating on a big scale is all I want.
Mike: It’s weird, man. I work in marketing/PR, so I don’t even view (most) mainstream music as “music” so much as I do a “product.”  A very generic, watered down “product,” made for a certain demographic or group of people with no understanding of actual musicianship or art who just want something to shove in their ears. Would I change it? Nah. We all need it for a backup plan when Lonescar sells out and goes mainstream hahah. 

BtR: What is the next big thing for you guys? When is the next album coming
Brian: While the next big thing is definitely getting wrapped up and getting perfected for the public eye, Lonescar will embark on a winter tour at the end of this year. Dates and cities will be coming soon.
Mike: Yeah, we’ll be active with news once the EP is released. We still have merch on the way as well as a music video, but that’s not even the most exciting part – we’re gonna have to stay quiet on that for now. 

BtR: Where can we find Lonescar's music?
Lonescar: Our first EP and our single “Lambhead” off the new EP are available on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, etc., but More Chingon Than Before will debut on our website, You’ll be able to stream and download the album there for free before it hits other platforms, and you’ll also have the option to purchase physical copies as well.

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