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Beyond the record presents

Legacy Keys


Legacy Keys is on the rise with a growing fan base nationwide. With a superb collection of songs behind this group's creative mind, we dive deep into the new single titled "Cursive", which is perhaps one of this year's best underground singles thus far.

We've seen only reliable releases under this project name and this track is an addition to all of which it stands. The downtempo backbone of Cursive relies heavily on electronics to convey its message in wondrous ways, bringing together a track that is unique and stands out from the rest within their genre. Though it may be electronic and they may rely heavily on electronics, there is an incredible level of depth to Legacy Key's sound that comes in many forms. Cursive touches on the modern feel of R&B but takes you back a few moments to yesterday's sounds as well. And doing so flawlessly.

The song takes you on a journey that really is none other than perfection, moving you in ways that develops emotionally as it continues. To me, the emotions ignite a sense of creativity and bravery from within my mind as I am taken through just this track alone. Legacy Keys takes simple chord structures that remain ardent throughout, giving way to a lush atmosphere. As far as production quality goes, it is exactly that. This single was the product of something well thought out and was meticulously shaped, reshaped and came out so naturally. This isn't a group of the underground scene who make music in their parent's garage. This is true quality music that I believe one day will be appreciated by the masses.

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