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----Beyond the Record: Welcome. In case our readers don't already know who you are,
tell us where you're from and a little bit about what's happening right now for
your music career.

Hi!, and thank you for having me on your blog! 
I guess I should say I am a person who was told that music is not my thing. But a big passion, keeping on dreaming and love to music has won:)  My name is Kaiya.  Music is something that makes me high, what gets my adrenaline up, excites me .. it's just my life..                                                  
I was born in Ukraine and grew up between Paris, Tokyo, Italy and NYC. Right now I’m working in the studio on some new tunes and songs, and planning to have my debut EP dropped somewhere late autumn. 

----BtR: After digging into your biography online, I'm very curious to hear how your
childhood played a role in you starting your career making music. There were
some many great things that pointed to you being passionate from a young age.

I was very busy with taking some dance classes and going to my art school. My parents never saw me as a musician but I was thinking: I just need to grow up and then I’ll be able to do what I want. And eventually, when I’ve started to finally do music I could tell that all that child experience in dancing and painting only helped me to develop my artist personality.  
I lived between Paris, Tokyo and NY for a long time.. NY has become my music home, where my music journey has started just about a year ago when I met a songwriter, producer and artist ÅMBE. She got me inspired. We started to work on some music together. The result you know - it’s my debut single “GAMES”. There are so many more things coming! 

----BtR: Going a bit further, passed what would be considered your 'childhood' what
memories do you have from making music in high school?

I remember there was a rock band in my college and i played a base guitar.. -  i was in love with the main vocalist and he was teaching me how to play)))) 

----BtR: What were some of the reasons why you moved to New York? What was adjusting

I’t has simply happened. i moved here in my sweet 16, so i didn’t really had time to even think what i wanted and what I expected… it was crazy but i loved it… For me it was just life. I’ve been working in fashion, and the fashion world is what has broad me here. Adjuration…i passed all stages, from being impressed, going wild, exploring, learning the language, falling into depressions and loneliness of a big city... But it was a process of growing as a person, finding what i want and who i am. It was what made me who I am now.

-----BtR: Take us through some low moments, not only in your personal life, but in
your career as well. Mostly pertaining to recent past.

My ups and downs are what has been reflected in my creativity and inspiring it.  I guess i started to play and write because i had a story to tell. Sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively… so i'm singing one of my stories in “ GAMES". Everything about this song means so much to me...

----BtR: On the flipside, what are you most proud of? What did you overcome and how
did you overcome it?

Most of all I’m proud that I was able to believe in myself and in my dream, and to start moving towards it! I’m so proud of what we've done with my team. It’s something so new and so exciting!  This year has been tough, emotional  and amazing. I can tell you that my life was so different just a year ago…  it was a different me. I’m proud of Games, really proud .

----BtR: Where would you say you take your inspiration from? What and who inspires
you to make music?

My inspiration comes from jazz, classical and modern electronic music… from amy winehouse and mazy star.. From my moods and people I meet… From my phone that dies and I am in some social isolation… - then I write… and I keep it uncharged.. lol 

------BtR: Tell us a little bit about your love for fashion and film. Elaborate on
that if you would.

I love the beauty of fashion..  I love the multi-lives of a movie… I love no borders in fashion, film and music… I love no borders between them… It’s truly amazing what people are able to create to tell their story…  
And most of all I love collaborating with different talented people, to make something beautiful and unique. 

-----BtR: As far as your music is concerned, it sounds very little like anything I
have ever heard. Would you say you fit into a genre somewhere and if so where?

Thank you, it's a pleasure to hear. It means we are moving the right direction. Because I wasn’t trying to sound like somebody or like something. My goal has been to bring out some good vibes, energy, motivation.. I would call my style indi-pop-electronics… light-pop. 

------BtR: Last but not least, where can we find your music?

You can find my music  on my official website:
And also:

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