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Beyond the Record: Welcome! Tell us a little bit about who you are, where you're from and where you're living now.

Jahfeeil: I'm originally from Los Angeles California as a child my brother 2 sisters and I along with my mother moved to Omaha Nebraska after her and my father split up then later around the age of seven we moved to Houston Texas.


BtR: There are many musicians out there who feel as though they were born musical and had a love for it early on. At what age did you start pursuing music and how do you feel your childhood played a role in your songwriting development?

Jah: I started singing in church and around the age of 8 moms bought my first guitar after I was 10 there I just felt the need to write songs at that age I think I'm mostly writing songs because my father wasn't around I had to keep busy from not focusing on that but at that age I knew that music is what I wanted to do forever.

BtR: Your music is an interesting combination of inspirations and influences. If you could fit yourself into one genre, what would it be? Who would you say inspires you to make the music that you do?

Jah: I don't put myself in a box but my mentor is Curtis Mayfield I have like the biggest love forSoulmusic and even today Curtis Mayfield music Still inspires me to do this thing called SOUL music ya know.

BtR: As far as the recording process goes, give us a little bit of insight to how you record. We have heard nothing but interesting things. Take us through all the little details if possible.

Jah: LOL well before I go in the studio I pray lol really I don't think about it much because that will make me nervous if my studio time is about I say 5 p.m. I just do my regular day until about 3:30 or so then I just stay to myself until we go to the studio and make magic

BtR: A lot of artists have hidden messages in their music, while some are very open about it. Tell us which song of yours is very personal that has a lot of meaning to you.

Jah: my music speaks loud cuz everything I write it's mostly about my own life experiences and events every time I write it's important to me and it's real.

BtR: Care to share a story behind your latest release?

Jah: yes beautiful the song not really about looks to me in my opinion the reason I wrote the song seat cut go steeper than that I can ever see I would not dare write a song that some people I would make some people feel down you know beauty isn't about she's such a beautiful pretty fine woman it's about a beautiful person. The beauty of a human being you know a beautiful soul

BtR: Take us through some lowest of low moments in your music career and also in your personal life. What have you had to overcome?

Jah: well first off my mother passed years ago she the only one that continue to push me to doing this thing called music even when I wanted to quit she was right there pushing me and when she died I stopped doing music for about 2 years I mean I just stop cold turkey and then later I realize that's not what you wanted me to do

BtR: On the flipside, what are you most proud of? What are your greatest succeses?

Jah: you know what I'm proud to be a true musician proud just to be able to do music and somebody will listen you know it take a lot for strangers to listen to your music to like to actually like your music I mean really it's a blessing to do this

BtR: If you could give advice to some of your younger fans regarding music, what would you say?

Jah: wow wow I mean just stay focused stay sober and do what you want to do.

BtR: Let's say you had the power to change the music industry as it stands. How would you change it, would you change it, and why?

Jah: yes I would first off labels nowadays they don't want talented musicians they want popular musicians Record labels nowadays they don't want organic Talent they want you to already have a huge fan base they want you to already have millions of followers on social media I mean they want you to do all the work then they want to take all your royalties I mean it's it's it's a lot need to be done with that I can go on and on I know we don't have enough time in this interview for that lol lol you know

BtR: Can you give us some insight into your next release?

Jah: yes yes yes and yes my debut CD is title Tracy Moore and it will consist of eight songs from my heart but I don't have a date just yet but I will uh let everyone know soon as possible you the fans hmm let me re say that I dont like saying fans I prefer to say music lovers lol u know but it will be in 2017 when the CD Tracy Moore drop it'll be full of love songs I mostly do love songs that you like love songs soul music R&B hey it's going to be a beautiful Album and you will enjoyed this one.

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