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Illicit Dynasty

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BtR: Tell us a little bit about your latest solo album "Identity Crisis". What is the story behind the music?

ID: The story behind this album is “Me” its all the my life from the good the bad and the ugly … everything from custody battles with my ex-wife to parties and my now with my new wife needless to say its real!

BtR: Where did you spend your days growing up? How much would you say that your upbringing influenced your music?

ID: I spend my younger years between New Jersey and Arizona and now settled in Arizona grew up in a music family and have been fortunate to have a inside look of the industry.

BtR: Would you say that you were 'born' with your musical gift or did you have to work at it?

ID: I definitely was born with the gift of music.. being one of the best recording engineers in AZ and nominated for engineer of the year, this is what I love and I make money doing what I love and im very fortunate to have these skills and the opportunity to do what I want to do

BtR: At what point in your life did you embrace your creative side and pursue music?

ID: the point that I clearly remember when I freshman year in high school was the first someone played a song called “the points” from the panther album and at the end bone thugs and harmony killed the track and at that moment I know I wanted to rap

BtR: You're incredibly passionate about the message within these songs. What keeps you motivated and inspired?

ID: Knowing there are others with the same issues in life have keeps me motivated and if my song offer 3 minutes of relief to let them know they are not alone then my job is done.

BtR: How do you stand out from others within your genre?

ID: well I don’t boast or brag about what I have or call women bitches or hoes and I don’t want to take no one’s girl for a night.. My music is real in every way

BtR: Let's say you had the power to change the music industry and the way things work for all artists. The mainstream and underground. What would you do?

ID: I would make it a level playing field and bring the true meaning of music back

BtR: What song best depicts who you are as a person? Your struggles and triumphs.

ID: The first single that I have released called “Identity Crisis” (also it the name of the album) best explains who I am as a person… I only have one enemy and that myself, now we have learned to be friends and work together … now we are unstoppable

BtR: The cover art is intriguing. Is there a story behind that as well?

ID: The cover is very important to me and we spent hours on this shoot … it’s my exact vision the perfect struggle for energy with in our selves

BtR: How can fans win a copy of your single?

ID: this single has been released 1/30/16 Here are a few stores but you can search “identity crisis kieng” on any digital store and you will find me Itunes - amazon - Google play - And my journey recording this album will be all posted here

BtR: What legacy do you hope to leave behind with your music?

ID: I would like to leave the legacy of truth struggle and triumph

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