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Born January 11th, 1988, in Iroquois housing projects. Icon Magikmane is a seasoned artist from Louisville, Kentucky. Growing up Icon Magikmane listened and identified with all genres of music. He remains heavily influenced by rap favorites: Tupac, Nelly, BG, Lil' Boosie, Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy. After many years rapping and countless singles. He finally dropped his long awaited CD titled “The Sacrifice" with legendary Kentucky DJ, Dj Tazz "Tha Bald Balla". His style is often compared to Trap music legends Young Jeezy and Yo Gotti. With his gritty flow and thought-provoking lyrics. He has caught the ear of Kentucky and became a fan favorite. His breakout single "Band Aid" which include lyrics that engage female listeners and second single "With Money" produced by Luni Imfamous, Kentucky's top producer. Icon Magikmane's superb word play, commitment to quality music, and live performances make Icon Magikmane a talented rapper on the rise.

Beyond the Record: Welcome. Tell us a little bit about who you are, where you're from and how you got your start in making music.
Icon MagikMane: I was born in Louisville Kentucky on January 11,1988! Raised in Iroquois project with my brothers and sisters until some bad decision had me relocated to the Lexington area! Got my start first start with a local group 3wz which later turned into Highlight Reel! I was never the best rapper in the camp but I was the most consistent! I played my part until the group dismembered! Shortly after that I formed Icon Brand with the help of Louisville Dj legend Dj Tazz (Tha Bald Balla)!

BtR: Do you feel as though your life or your childhood inspired you to make music at all?
Icon MagikMane:  My child hood was a big reason for me doing music! My uncle was a rapper and he was great at it I remember him writing music and letting me listen to his songs! No matter what family member was around they always had music playing some hip hop some R&B, and I love the happiness it made them feel!

BtR: And at what point did you start noticing that you were an artist? When did you actually start writing songs and pursuing music?
Icon MagikMane: I stated writing music at a young age in school during class! While everybody else was writing love notes to impress the girls I was right rhyme to them! I’ve been a rapper my whole life but I started to become an artist three years ago! When I learned how to make a song that people want to listen to. I really started pursuing music about seven years ago! I had no game plan about how to do I just knew that I had to be consistent and out work everybody!

BtR: Give us one or two artists that you used to look up to, versus today, who do you look up to now? Who inspires you to make music and who do you think you sound like?
Icon MagikMane:  I looked up to 2pac and C-Murder growing up that’s all my parents really listen to when it came to rap. But today I look you to Yo Gotti, Young Jeezy and Kevin Gates! I feel are the best in the game hands down! What really inspires me to make music is music I feel the industry all sounds the same! When you turn on the radio everybody sounds like the Migo’s! With no disrespect but growing you never had to ask who is this artist everybody had their own sound! I feel I song like me but the fans say I sound like a mixture of Yo Gotti’ Young Jeezy and Money Bag Yo

BtR: As far as live performances are concerned, how would one go about seeing one of your shows?
Icon MagikMane: It’s simple just tell your promoters to book me! I’m willing to do any type of event, if my fans want to see me I’ll be there to give them the best show the have ever seen! I don’t care I’ll travel across the world to different countries! No event is to small! 

BtR: Everyone is motivated to do different things for various reasons. What motivates you to make music?
Icon MagikMane: The fans motivate me to do music! I want to be their favorite artist and give them the best content they have ever heard! 

BtR: Where can we listen to all of your music?
Icon MagikMane: You can listen to my music on every major streaming store! Here is a few!

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