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Henry Metal

An interview with

BtR: Your name is an interesting play on words, but your music is also unique. Can you explain to us exactly how you got the name for this project?

HM:  I've always considered Henry a fine name.  It means "rich or ruler in it's original German and I would like to be rich or a ruler.  Unfortunately,
I am merely a tunesmith trying to create the greatest music ever made and tell the greatest stories ever told.  My only riches in this life are those of the spirit,
such as mad guitar licks and totally sick lyrics.

BtR: And like I said, your music is really unique. What is your practice routine like and what is the typical songwriting process for Henry Metal?

HM:  Henry Metal songs always start with the riff.  I have a saying which I just made up right now that goes "The riff is the spliff."  And as of this moment
I'm going to start living by it.  The riff dictates the tempo and the mood and from there the pieces naturally fall into place like a divine gift from the
nether regions.  Lyrically, I would say Henry Metal is about keeping it real.

BtR: You may be able to play multiple instruments, but which instrument do you hold close to you at all times? What is considered your 'home' instrument?

HM:  The main sonic weapon which I wield is the electric guitar.  So raw, so real, so maleable.  It is capable of creating with both force and subtlety much unlike,
say, the trombone.  It is also able to be plugged into large and small amplifiers again, unlike the 'bone.  From there it is a matter of brutal bass and mind-blowing
drums which move the hips and bring a little life to the feet, if you know what I mean.

BtR: The music you make reminds me of the golden era of metal music. Elaborate on your inspirations and those who influence you to make music.

HM:  My inspirations come from the Metal Gods of Old such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Megadeth and of course 'tallica.  It was these fine bands
who paved the way for musical fools like myself to pick up the torch and run with it headlong into the never-ending distance.  

BtR: Everyone has an image. You wear a mask. Care to share why and give us the story as to how that became your image?

HM:  Unfortunately we are all destined to wear a mask.  Henry Metal's mask is no different than the masks we all wear except that, for now, it has horns on it.  Though
the mask may very well change over the years, the Henry within shall burn eternal.  This I know for certain.

BtR: Let's say you have the possibility to change the music industry as it stands. What would be some of the things you would change and why?

HM:  To dream of such powers is beyond my purview.  However, it would bring lightness to my heart to see musicians everywhere and, indeed all artists, 
recognized and compensated fairly for the wonderment and advancement they contribute to the human race.

BtR: What legacy do you hope to leave behind and what are you trying to achieve in music?

HM:  I hope to unite legions of Metal Heads who wish to gather under the common flag of musical excellence coupled with the truly free and enlightened human
spirit.  It is this spirit which has moved me to create Metal and this spirit on which I will always depend.  Indeed, the legacy belongs not to me but to Metal itself.

BtR: Lastly, where can people find your music?

HM:  My very first singles are being released as we speak and I cannot wait for them to become available to the many Metal Heads who long for a sound 
that will rock their worlds.  This should happen in short order, depending upon the speed of our distributor whom I shall not hesitate to deliver a proverbial kick
in the pants to should the process take too long.  I would ask anyone so inclined to visit to keep abreast of the many facets of my small but sacred