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Beyond the record presents


Hennessey Jones

Enter the mind

This star is on the rise with a growing fan base from all over the world. With a superb collection of songs behind this creative mind, we dive deep into Hennessey Jone's latest record; Enter the Mind, which is perhaps one of this year's best underground rap records thus far, at least for the genre.

It is unique in many ways and moves emotionally from track to track as this record continues. Not following the typical blueprints of what most artists may intend to do, Jones uses uncommon chord progression to manipulate different tones for each song. While I would like to categorize Enter the Mind as a dark rap album, there are several elements that make up all this has to offer. While most of which follow in line of ambient, relaxed, and suitable for late night get togethers, it has various emotions tied to it. Concepts is the track you would listen to on a night drive. It's calm. On the other hand, Acoustics showcases a more non traditional style for the genre and Jones manages to pull this one off incredibly well. Overall, the lyrical themes entwine with the music and message so effortlessly. Enter the Mind is well produced with consistent quality from track to track. Jones truly made the music his illustrative backbone for his expressive rapping style.