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Green light silhouette

The mind suggests less knowing

Fans and critics of Green Light Silhouette claim the band to be of 90's pop rock decent with a modern twist. From this latest release, The Mind Suggests Less Knowing, which is perhaps a brilliant name for a full length, takes on many forms. From track to track, there is an effortless blending of compositions that are perhaps written by the entire group, rather than one creative mind. Which is essential and critical to a diverse sound. To me, this strikes me as a clear team effort to produce music that really is in remembrance of yesterday's sound but wanting to keep some modern appeal off on the bleachers. Alderaan and other tracks portray this album in such a way that gives light to punk rock. In fact, a lot of what I heard on this record borrows heavily from the punk genre and does so very well. It becomes quite clear, even though you, may not know exactly who wrote each song, that there are multiple songwriters.

It's a very diverse collection of songs which you wouldn't otherwise find for this genre. Most bands within this particular scene are perhaps close minded, afraid to branch out and lack bravery. The Mind Suggests Less Knowing showcases bravery and creative minds at work, though not entirely adventurous. We aren't talking about fusing jazz with metal and new age. This record has a well-defined blueprint of the many forms it takes while most groups do not. Aside from the music, which I clearly think is a success, the cover art is top notch. One thing that I dock a few points from when doing my reviews is the lack of cover art. And sometimes there is too much, while others fail to represent the music for what it really is. I do think that the cover art makes me questions the genre, but nonetheless, this cover art is fantastic.

My suggestion for the very next release would be to focus more on a cover art that does represent the music for what it is. Keep the same artist, continue to pay your way, and you will be successful. The cover art depicted here makes me think of Angels and Airwaves, or some other indie rock band. Either way, fabulous album.