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G Train

G Train (Self Titled)

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From first glance, I thought G Train was going to be another contribution to the world of power metal, or some other sub genre of the sort. The album cover itself gives light to music that is along those lines, however, I really was pleasantly surprised to hear exactly the direction and stance these 17 tracks included. All very original and unique among themselves, each track takes on various forms, seemingly to be inspired by several genres.

Though it would be hard to pin point exactly where we could label this music and attach it to some genre somewhere, the overwhelming presence of the record is the singer songwriter platform. Singer songwriter takes on many forms itself, however. And to make it more complicated, this isn't what you would expect to hear from your typical acoustic singer songwriter album. It's not watered down, G Train isn't trying to appeal to the masses in anyway and it's perhaps the most liberating experience listening to these songs. The only catch, if there had to be one, is that production level is often a hit or miss and isn't consistent. Half are great, while the other half are a bit more on the raw side of the spectrum, sounding as though they were recorded in a bedroom or basement. This doesn't take away from G Train's music, though. This is an incredibly liberating piece of art that I find to bring much value to the world of acoustic singer songwriter.

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