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Beyond the Record: Welcome! Tell us a little bit about who you are, when Endsightt formed and how. 

Endsightt: Endsightt was officially formed in 2015 it is composed of myself Frederick Russell II, I wrote songs my whole life and did acting so I decided to combine them both and put them in music. I've always been passionate about art and the art that could be found sonically like a painting so I try to just pin Endsightt as a frame of a artist and been painting ever since.

BtR: The group has been around for some time now. Is it difficult to continue making music with the current state of the music industry? It seems as though good music is no longer appreciated. 

Endsightt: That's originally what "The Music Demo" was about that is the main theme. I couldn't agree more. Nowadays music is so auto-generated and lackluster, that's why I always make something going in the complete opposite direction. 

BtR: From the founding or inception of this project, what successes have you experienced? Go in great detail! I've heard there is quite a few. 

Endsightt: Honestly I started Endsightt when I released my demo tape I took it as a lark. Even the mixtape was not too serious. So when I got reviews saying this is the top indie record of the year or I'm someones favorite independent artist I'm like wow. So for once I'm taking a few years to make a really concise project and gonna try my all towards something with making my first album.

BtR: What are some of the challenges that you have faced in your personal life that you are proud to say that you have overcome. This may include things related to your music career. 

Endsightt: Moving away from everyone in Florida the people I knew my whole life and leaving at the drop of a hat to the Yellowstone area for inspiration. Which is going very well as of now.

BtR: Going back in time a little ways, do you feel as though your childhood played a role in your love for music? 

Endsightt: A lot, I've always been that stand out guy more infamously then I'd like to admit. It's interesting to me how that role follows me in my music.

BtR: After hearing some of the latest tracks, I find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what genre you are a part of. How would you classify your sound? 

Endsightt: Pop music. I don't consider me a rapper or a singer I consider myself making pop music that isn't pop yet. There is a dope interview with one of my inspirations Young Fathers where it explains the concept artists need to view themselves. I plan on with my first ever serious project with my album attacking the radio industry.

BtR: Do you feel the need to cater to the masses in anyway or do you prefer to be genuine in your approach? 

Endsightt: I believe being genuine is catering to the masses. That's the thing with music nowadays if you like a sound you can hear it from anyone. But there is only one Endsightt.

BtR: Is there are particular artist that inspires you to create the music that you do? 
Endsightt: Young Fathers I mentioned earlier. Definitely Kendrick Lamar is a huge one "The Music Demo" was a answer to his question at the end of TPAP. Also Kanye West is a amazing the way he expierements with different sonic approaches. With my new project Frank Ocean is playing a big influence with that amazing Endless and Blonde project. The theme with all my influences they all don't compromise they make stuff by being genuine.

BtR: And what exactly inspired your latest creation "The Pioneer Mixtape." 

Endsightt: Moving out west. A theme I'm currently living right now. The temptations of idleness and the fear of leaving your comfort zone in this case of leaving my home in Florida also pioneering different sonic directions aswell. I also owe Dreamerjazz for producing that record for me he definitely stepped out of his comfort zone for the project too.

BtR: What is the next big thing for you musically? When is the next album coming up/tour? 

Endsightt: Getting a tour is coming up after my album is finished. I'm currently taking a year off recording tow rite this album. It's gonna be the first big step for Endsightt where I take off my gloves and really step into something. I also have some great producers that will be helping me and going to an actual studio this time to have it finished. The album name is "Second Born".

BtR: Where can we find Endsightt's music? 

Endsightt: I will have a website with exclusive content in the next coming months called "". Which is a website launching our intuition rather than visual judgement. Me and some of the artist are making a big stand on the industry and going to change the way we promote music with that website. But I'm also found on iTunes, Spotify and most media outlets.

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