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Beyond the Record: Welcome! Tell us a little bit about you who are, where you're from and where you're living now. 

EP: Hi guys, I’m Elia Pazzini, known simply as Elia, I’m from Italy and I live in Rimini (Italy). But I really love Usa, I’ve lived in California for some months, and now I cross the ocean as many times as I can! 

BtR: Your music is outstanding and you have a rapidly growing fan base. Tell us a little bit about the growth process songwriters and what it's like to 'climb the ladder' so to speak.

EP: I think nowadays it’s very difficult for new songwriters to get noticed and I am at the beginning of the path too. Anyway the important thing is patience, if you accept to grow slowly but steadily you will see results, you can’t expect to release one single and immediately being a pop star. I think that producing steadily new music and engaging constantly on social media with your fans, every songwriter can have the satisfaction he deserves.

BtR: I find labeling an artists' music to be very difficult. If you had to pin point where you fit and what genre you are associated to, where do you think that would be?

EP: This is pretty hard to say, I write songs just when I need to do it, when I need to take out some feelings too strong to keep inside, so I write different songs consistently with this feeling. The most of my songs are between pop and rock, so if I have to pin point where I fit, I’d say pop-rock, but I have also some indie and dance pieces so it would be really like forcing a definition. I really like writing songs and melodies of various genres, I think it is more authentic, because effectively sometime I feel pop, while other times I feel rock, or dance or indie!

BtR: After listening to several tracks, I could hear various inspirations. Who inspires you to play and create music? 

EP: I’m inspired in my writing work by every artist who wants to give emotion in a clear, easy and straight way. I don’t like artists who use to write really complicated melodies and super difficult lyrics with many allegory and metaphors. I like artists who speaks about their feeling clearly, I feel more authenticity in them, and I think that they reach immediately their audience. I try to write songs in the same way!

BtR: Elaborate on the recording process. Take us through all the small details if you could.

EP: I love so much the recording process, I feel very comfortable in the studio! I’d love to perform in the same way even in live shows one day, and I’m working hard everyday on this purpose. Anyway my work in the recording studio can be very different depending on the song. Sometime I just take 3/4 tracks to record a song, while other times, for example when I’m really attached to the song, I start to be crazy about the smallest details (making my arranger Lorenzo crazy too) and I could sing a small piece of a song like 20 times!
Moreover I take singing class once or two times per week, so my vocals are rapidly changing; the results is that I want to record the vocals of my songs a lot of times, because I think that I can perform better!

 BtR: At what point in your life did you pursue music to the fullest as to make a career out of it? Some artists start at a very young age while others take years to discover their passion for the arts. Where do you fall on this spectrum?

EP: I’m one of the artists who realized their passion for music pretty late. Actually I didn’t have any music education when about at the age of 22 I decided to write a song.
My economics studies were very difficult for me at that time and too far away from my personality, moreover I had a very hard and destructive relationship that didn’t afford me to express my real feelings and who I really was. I needed a way out, and I thought about writing a song. I didn’t have any music training, so I wrote it completely acappella  and with the help of a keypad on my iPad. The results was very interesting, considering my inexperience, and after that time gradually I dedicated myself to music more and more.

BtR: Take us through the lowest moments in your career and in your recent personal life.

EP: About my music career I think that the lowest moment is that you can’t figure out the way to pursue your dream. Coming in the music industry can be very difficult if you don’t have some guide with a big knowledge of the field, and at the beginning everything you try looks useless and ineffective.
About my personal life I can say that the lowest moment was the period when I started to write music. My university studies were too far away from my personality and it’s really difficult to study everyday things that you’re not interested about. But above all I had a very tough relationship with a person who try to take away everything from me, from every perspective. At the end of this relationship I was completely empty and I didn’t know who I was anymore, it looks a very long time to build again my identity and my happiness, but I did it!

BtR: And on the flipside, what have you overcome? What successes are you most proud of in your career? 

EP: At first I’m proud to produce music with sounds and atmosphere very similar to the artists I follow most, but my biggest accomplishment is that I know that some people listen to my music, and they like it and get emotioned from it. Knowing that some people, even a few people, feel any kind of emotion in their life thanks to my songs is what I consider to be my biggest accomplishment.

BtR: Aside from music, what else are you passionate about? 

EP: I have just a big passion and it is music, but I like many things. I’m italian so obviously I’m very passionate in food, not cooking it, but eating it, I like going to restaurants and try every kind of new dish! Moreover I like traveling, I’ve traveled in a lot of places in the world, I really love to see new countries, places and cultures and I’m very thankful to have this possibility.

BtR: When we can expect the next release from you?
EP: I’ve just released my EP, and in this month I’m going to focus my attention on it, while in the next month I will release new singles and a new super funny music video!

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