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Eddy Mann

An interview with

BtR: You are a man of god and you are also a musician. Tell us a little bit how you connect with god through your music. Do you spread his word through your message?

EM: Being a believer, a follower, my faith is always evident when I create and when I interact with others. Depending on the venue the message could be quite different from night to night. Obviously in a worship and praise setting it would be openly expressed where in a secular room the storylines in the songs are more about living in God’s kingdom.

BtR: Now, everyone has a past that defines who they are today. Take us to some of the moments in your life that you are proud to have gone through. What are some of the things that you personally have overcome?

EM: As a young boy I was painfully shy. It was the guitar that gave me the confidence to express myself and to find my voice. It also provided a creative outlet and revealed a passion that still drives me today. Defining who I was took a bit of time. I’m very glad that at a certain point in my life I decided to just be an honest reflection of myself. When that happened I began to measure success in a whole new light. It gave me the freedom to be completely transparent with my audience.

BtR: What about in your music career? Take us through some of those moments that are the lowest of lows.

EM: As a young musician I had to accept the fact that I wasn’t very good at one point. Embracing the truth allowed me to deal with, and then conquer the problem. There have also been some close friends over the years that I’ve had to distance myself from due to various chemical and lifestyle choices.

BtR: On the up side, what are some career highlights and personal achievements? The best moments in your life personally, but also in your career.

EM: The highest point has been accepting my faith, which is followed by my wife who has been a constant companion and friend. Musically I’m blessed to still live out my passion as a singer-songwriter. I get to do what I love… everyday!

BtR: You just released your new album The Consequence. What was the recording process like? If you could, elaborate on the meaning behind the album title, and some of these songs.

EM: The Consequence was an easy album to record. The songs were written during the support of the previous album called Dig Love. Musically the album is a bit quieter with some darker lyrics, but it still follows the idyllically peaceful and compassionate view of the world that was revealed on Dig Love. The title song is about the power we have in our everyday life to sway the consequence of our interactions with others. We can have a powerful effect on others by the words we use, the expressions we wear, and the way we react to life’s challenges.

BtR: I find this record to be unique for the Christian music genre. A lot of what I have heard, Christian music tends to only focus on the positives. I like your message in the songs. Aside from that, what makes you unique in your genre?

EM: I don’t think I’m breaking any new ground here, but as I said earlier I’m being an honest reflection of who I am, and sharing how I deal with this world from day to day. Musically I do all I can to stay out of the way of the music. I want it to flow where it needs to go. I want it to be as natural as possible.

BtR: We did touch on your successes earlier, but what or who are you grateful for?

EM: My parents for exposing me to all kinds of music and allowing me to be a creative; my accountability team that guide me freely and honestly; the band who give of their time and gifts; my family for understanding who I am, and my God for the endless blessings.

BtR: Where can we find your social media pages and take a listen to all of your music?

EM: My website: - on facebook at eddymann.musician – on twitter at eddy_mann – on Youtube at eddymann - iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music etc.