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Beyond the Record: Welcome! Tell us a little bit about who you are, where you're from and where you're living now.
Daku Lights: Thank you! So we are Dakú Lights, a mixed
gender,alternative pop band based here in London! We live in London but one of our members is originally from Huddersfield in Yorkshire so we are a bit of a mixture, especially when you add our ethnicities into the pot! Bhavini is of Indian descent, Haiiiro is of Chinese descent and Panda is Caribbean and Irish. 
BtR: There are many artists who come to love music early on in life. At what age did you fully pursue music and do you feel as though your childhood played a role in your love for music?
Daku Lights: We all pretty much wanted to make music from a young age; Panda started singing when he was 7 and he used to lock himself in his bedroom and sing to S Club 7!
Bhavini was always involved in performance after she got up on stage for the first time as a child and Haiiiro has always been interested in making music; he picked up and learnt how to play the guitar by himself! We've all pursued music for the majority of our lives so whilst we've all had different paths getting here, we think our childhood love for music has led us to the same place with the same ideals. 

BtR: As far as labeling the music goes, I feel as though it is hard
topin point where you fit on a spectrum. If you could label your music as one genre, what would it be?
Daku Lights: You are right, even we struggled to properly label our sound for quite a long time! We have actively taken influence from many different genres that we love, ranging from Electro, LoveTrap, EDM, R'n'B and KPOP which has given us so much scope to create something original. But to be honest, if we put all of that under an umbrella term to simplify the sound, we would class ourselves as pop music.
BtR: And as far as a genre goes, what and who are your inspirations to make music?
Daku Lights: Well for us, we hear what is in the charts at the moment and there are certain kinds of songs and music that we like. At the moment, we absolutely love anything Mura Masa does;he
music is so original and infectious and we just think his sound is In a level of its own. We're heavily inspired by what is happening in KPOP as well - the music they make over there is something completely original and so we try to fuse what is happening here and there into something with a bit of an original Dakú flavoring; we just want to create something fresh while also honoring those ahead of us. We love the idea of concept music, where there is almost a kind of theatric to what is being released. For that reason, we have what we call a Light sound and a dark sound - our songs "Run Away", "Bubblegum" and "Set Me Free" are all our Light songs because they are poppy and upbeat whereas "Over" and "Say No More" are much more moody and melancholic in their sounds. We took influence from how KPOP works with their concepts and we think it's allowed us to stand out.
BtR: Elaborate on the process of recording your latest music video. Take us through all the little details. How was the experience for you?
Daku Lights: We haven't released a full blown music video for any of our tracks yet as we only just recently released the EP; we have got plans in motion to release
twovideos however! Our first single, "Over", will be the first video to be released and we are just looking for the right team to work with on the video. We are massive perfectionists so we want to make sure we have the right people working on it so that any fans we have can enjoy it. As for another of our tracks, "Set Me Free", we have plans to film a video for that on International soil so keep your eyes peeled for that! 
BtR: As far recording your music, take us through the recording process of your latest release.
Daku Lights: Our recording process was what we would call extremely hard work! We decided to take time developing our sound and letting it grow organically rather than rushing our releases so we actually spent a solid year working on multiple tracks before wefinalised
the track list for our EP "Illumiiinate". One of our tracks which was included, "Run Away", was recorded in August 2016 but we ended up changing much about it and it became something completely different; we didn't complete it until around January this year! So we did take time but we wanted to make sure that every song we included was worthy of being on the EP. We're glad we took the time! 
BtR: There are quite a few artists and rappers that have hidden messages in your music, while others are very open. Which of your songs is the most personal to you?
Daku Lights: That's a good question because we few very attached to all of them! But if we had to name one, I think we would say "Set Me Free".
Haiiiro produced it, and we think from a production standpoint, it's an amazing song because it's so catchy and easy on the ears. Bhavini wrote the lyrics and we feel it's so easy to relate to the song because it's about releasing yourself from the stresses of the world and about being strong and concrete on the inside; everybody can relate to that. It was written quite early into the process and as soon as we heard it, we all just said "Yes! That's the one!"
BtR: With that being said, can you tell us the meaning behind your latest music video? What is your overall message in the music that you produce?
Daku Lights: So our latest release is "Over" which is about accepting that a situation has reached its end and no matter what, you have to leave it in the past. That could be a relationship, a friendship or anything else. It's a very relatable situation and we think that's a common thread in the messages we put out. All of our songs are relatable in what they say and we've made a concerted effort to make sure they're lyrically wide in scope; we want to spread positivity but sometimes we like to tell positive stories through slightly darker in tone songs. 
BtR: Take us through some of the lowest moments in your music career but also in your personal life.
Daku Lights: I think in terms of low points in our career as a band, losing two members was a tough point. We originally had 5 members and we were such a solid unit. We absolutely adored them but due to circumstances beyond any bodies control, they had to withdraw because they couldn't commit anymore. It was a huge blow because we had all got so far together so to lose then was like losing a brother and a sister but we know they're still supporting us which is great. Also, it's hard doing everything by yourselves; we have no backing, no financial aid other than our own personal income and we have to very much do everything by ourselves; it's great because we feel that all of this graft just makes us even more hungry  to succeed but it is still incredibly difficult. 
BtR: On the flipside, what have you overcome that you are most proud of?
What succeses have you had?
Daku Lights: We've overcome having to each work, study and earn a living whilst developing our band. We may be making this afull
time career but we still have to pay the rent so working/studying 40+ a week whilst making Dakú Lights the priority is very tough work but the fact that over a year later, we are still here and achieving milestones such as releasing our first EP and achieving mentions on YouTube review channels as well as just getting such excellent feedback and support; we think that's a huge success for this stage of our career and we hope to keep building on that.
BtR: You're currently seeking a record label. What struggles 
and succeses have you come across in your search?
Daku Lights: It is difficult, we won't lie. It's a lot of fun and it's a very edge of the seat kind of feeling when we submit an email with our music but it's also difficult finding a label that will feel right for us. At the end of the day, we are very passionate about who we are, what we do and what we represent and all we can hope for is to be eventually signed to a label that will help to support that drive. We're not manufactured so we do have ideas on where we want to go so finding a label that can help us to develop and really get the best out of us is what we would ideally hope for. Being signed to a label would literally be the best feeling in the world for us. 
BtR: What other media has had you in their spotlight? Any other interviews?
Daku Lights: So we were recently featured in a double page spread for Eastern Eye magazine, as well as being reviewed and interviewed by music blogs Get My Buzz and Skope Entertainment as well as being endorsed by some YouTube stars, such as
Janethan, who is really getting his name out there. The feedback we have received has been amazing! We're really enjoying more people hearing our songs through these features so we can't thank you all enough for allowing us the opportunity.
BtR: If you had the power to change the music industry as it stands, would you change it, and if so, what would you change about it?
Daku Lights: We think the music industry is in a good place at the moment - there are more and more different styles being experimented with and we think people are a lot more open to different kinds
ofgenre's at the moment. The one thing we would change would be to allow a little bit more access for up and comers who may not have the easiest of routes into the industry. We think a platform other than youtube could be available that would help people who can't financially manage to start a career in music, because it is expensive!
BtR: Where can people find Daku Lights music? �
Daku Lights: People can find out music across various platforms such a small
Spotify,ITunes and Apple Music but they can also see exclusive content on our YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts all @ Dakú Lights! We just want to say thanks to anyone who had supported us and we hope that people can continue to climb on board and enjoy what we do; that's what makes this worthwhile 
Social Media: Twitter - https://twitter.com/Daku_Lights
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Dak%C3%BA-Lights-1825181564391962/?hc_ref=SEARCH
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_LrmJzImO48EZN9p9TSwNw

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