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Beyond the Record: Welcome! Tell us a little bit about who you are, where you're
from and how long you have been making music for.

Corlioni: Sure! I am an electronic dance music producer/Artist and I go by the name of Corlioni, although I am British many people say my music has more of a Nordic sound to it. I have been producing dance music for about 8 years but professionally for about 2 years, I love melody and atmosphere. I also like Tropical house but would not classify my music as strictly in that genre, I always use elements of Tropical but like to mix it up with my own style.

BtR: Your fans are always asking you questions, but one of the many that we
would like to know is if you think your childhood played a role in your love for
the arts. If so, how?

Corlioni: Yes absolutely, I was always listening to my parent’s old records when I was a kid. The thing is they had masses of records from the fifties and sixties, I think this is where I learned the importance of creating a strong hook or melody. To me melody is the most important element of an electronic dance tune; even if a track is well produced it would be nothing with melody.

BtR: Why do you wear the mask?

Corlioni: Lol everyone asks that, in reality I am actually quite a shy guy. Also if I am honest I have never really been at ease with pop artist thing, in an ideal world I would probably have settled for a career as a songwriter. Being Corlioni allows me to get my songs out there and the mask provides me with a degree of anonymity, I can hide behind the mask and it adds a bit of mystery to the mix. I like it and it's a bit of fun...

BtR: After listening to some of your latest tracks, I find it difficult to
pinpoint your music to a specific genre. If you had to label your music, what
genre do you suspect it to be?

Corlioni: I suppose I would simply categorize my music as electronic dance with a hint of tropical, there are so many sub-genres out there today that it sometimes gets confusing when people me to describe my style. I never set out to write in a specific way however I do tend to incorporate a certain set of specific elements in my music; I think it would probably be best to leave it to others to classify my musical genre.

BtR: Your track titled "Destiny" was mixed by Austin Leeds. How did you manage
to accomplish this?

Corlioni: If you mean how did I get in touch with Austin I simply sent him a rough mix and he agreed to work with me, if you mean how did we accomplish the mix it was fairly straight forward. I programmed the music in the UK, sent the track to Austin in Miami, he then mixed it and send it back in time for the release. In the old days this would have all been carried out in the same studio, today though we can easy collaborate regardless of country or location.

BtR: And who are you planning to work with next?

The next vocalist I will be working with has actually sung on one of Avicii's tracks, I'm not allowed to name her yet but I can tell you she has an awesome voice, should be an amazing track when it's finished. 

BtR: I've heard that you are related to Elton John. Is this true?

Corlioni: Lol yes I am actually related to Elton on my Dad's side of the family, that must be the musical side of the clan. I have to say though that Elton has more talent in his little finger that I have in my entire body lol, the man is a legend. Sadly I have never had the privilege of meeting him but who knows?, maybe one day.

BtR: You write and produce all of your own music, which is rare for the industry
nowadays, especially at your level. What is your take on groups who have songs
with several songwriters?

Corlioni: Different people work in different ways, sometimes writing collaborations can be awesome and produce some outstanding songs. I would never rule out working with other people but for now I am happy to work alone, obviously it would be cool to work with other people but I think that is something more likely to occur in the future.

BtR: Every artist goes through difficult times in their personal lives, but also
in their careers. What have you gone through and overcame that you are proud of?

Corlioni: I was actually ill for most of 2016 and am actually still recovering, up until Christmas of 2016 I had suffered with an issue that led to a breathing difficulty. That finally went away but left me with a slight anxiety problem, I am gradually improving but have to say the last year and a half and actually been extremely tough. I would not say I am proud of myself but I am surprised that I was able to finish Destiny, it took longer due to my illness but we got there in the end. 

BtR: When we can expect to hear your next track?

Corlioni: I would say the next single will probably be released some time during September of this year, instead of releasing a mass of songs I prefer to work for a long time on specific song, I like to fine tune my mixes until they are absolutely 100% how I want them to sound. I never rush as I always like to get things right, I would rather have a few good tracks to my name than scores of mediocre releases.

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