Beyond the record presents:

charles luck

featuring:  inzane, vedo & gyro

This record is the latest addition to Charles Luck most recent collection of songs and is a contribution to the world of underground rap. Featuring an honest and brave seven songs that dive deep into the creative mind of Charles Luck, we are left with quite an honorable release. Where spoken poetry entwines itself in the musical realm and is sitting among some other great artists that have come before him.

Luck and those he features deliver to his fans, which is a number that continues grow at a rapid pace. With a following that is more dedicated than most, we are sure to see more who follow in his path and journey to the top. While Luck may consider himself to be independent and from the underground, it is only a matter of time before he breaks those barriers.

The music on this album presents itself in a manner that remains caliginous throughout. Though there is some shade of triumph in these songs, the presence of darkness brings a remarkable depth to his sound. The rap genre gets some bad media every now and then, but the lyrical context is unlike the mainstream. Luck hypnotizes the listener with vivid imagery, one that embarks on a story that relates to nearly every individual. The lyrics speak to the masses.

This collection of songs brings with it a sensation of nostalgia and reaches for the fans of an older era. Perhaps the golden era of rap/hip-hop.
They keep the modern appeal at the forefront, which to me seems like it is for the betterment of his music. It attracts the vast majority while appealing to the minority.

The rapping itself is concise, which showcases his level professionalism and seniority to the genre. Dedication. Precision. Accuracy. This record is for those who appreciate art in a boundary-less form. I find that freeing and compelling for many generations to come.

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