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Art and Music

Carry Anne

Taking a look at another EP released by Art and Music, or K. Jones, we dive deep into this two track record entitled Carry Anne. This is a significant improvement from the last and a step in a more mature direction for this project. Just like the last EP, one song, Carry Anne, offers itself to be more in light of indie pop rock. Pulling elements from several genres into one big blanket of the term; Indie. You will find more of a traditional use of that term with both tracks. The lyrical context and theme has overall improved greatly and would easily label this as creative in its own right, despite taking some of those very elements from the world of indie pop. Never There is perhaps the best release in the discography of the project. It's entwined with some psychedelic attributes and seemingly pulls you into an environment that is sincerely all its own, artistic and part of a movement all its own. While it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the inspiration comes from on Never There, I would take a guess and say Pink Floyd has a strong presence in both this single, but also for the cover art. Overall, I think this is a step in the right direction for Jones and his project and strongly believe that this is coming into a more sincere light than Notice. 

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