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Bob Pepek

Pratfalls and curtain calls

Record Review

This star is on the rise with a growing fan base from all over the world. With a superb collection of songs behind this creative mind, we dive deep into Bob Pepek's latest release Pratfalls and Curtain Calls, which is perhaps one of this year's best underground releases thus far, at least for the pop-like genre. The more so upbeat backbone of musical truth and hope is swaying behind Pepek's smooth vocal melodies. Matched by a level of superb musicianship, the album takes you on a journey that really is none other than perfection, moving you in ways that develops emotionally as it continues.

This record, to me, comes off as part of the singer-songwriter realm, only with a band to take the stage and the studio. It's exactly that. As I listened from track to track closely, I tried establishing what genre Pratfalls and Curtain Calls may be associated with, and ultimately came to that conclusion. To give a more direct answer, the music is closely related to pop. However, I would use the term pop lightly and not within the modern definition of pop. The music isn't saturated in electronics, poorly executed use of plastic instruments, and poorly shaped percussion. Instead, this release showcases great chordal structures and an open mind, which is unique in itself.

The use of fretless bass was incredibly tasteful and gets my vote. The low end also provided colorful bass lines and even melodies, which is rare to the world of music. Pepek's open mind, allowing others to express themselves in colorful ways, is inspiring. This is what band leaders should follow. To me, these tracks spark a sense of creativity and bravery from within.  The lyrics are vastly meaningful, thought-provoking, and breathtaking. The artist, with "Out Loud" alone, was able to deliver a chant worthy song that I could imagine would be what it takes to push him to the next level.

While I do consider this to be part of a genre that is often watered down, thisdoes not fail to bring a level of depth. This is perhaps the most unique record, which is the most essential for pop music to continue to stay relevant. This artist is a creative mind, bringing vast amounts of value to the world of music. I would highly recommend those in support of quality to purchase this track.

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