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Beyond the Record: "What are you working on?"
Blythe Baines "I've been recording enough to the point where I definitely have enough songs for an EP. Right now, I'm just trying to pick the best ones so that I can release them. Expect an EP later this year! I'll also probably just drop a Soundcloud project with all the songs that I like that don't make it to the EP." 

BtR: "What's the purpose behind your music?"
BB: "I just want to evoke a feeling--whether that be calmness or confidence or cockiness. I'm a big believer that you attract a reality on the same level of what you're feeling into your life, so I've been trying to keep my songs as positive as possible. "

BtR: "What are your creative inspirations?"
BB: "At the same time as I'm inspired by the culture around me, I'm also inspired by science and literature. I want my music to bridge the gap between popular culture and scholastic culture."

BtR: "Tell us the story behind your newest song "Stars"
BB: "I went in to record with my friend and producer Reece and we decided to do a song about space after I saw a painting he did of planet Earth. The songs I do are usually improvised last minute. My producer makes a beat, we get a vibe, and then I start writing the lyrics and melody. "Stars" is sort of an homage to the late Carl Sagan. He'll always have a place in my heart."

BtR: "And what about the story behind "Silenced"?"
BB: "Silenced was actually the first song I released on Soundcloud, and it was produced by one of my best friends, Soren Bryce. She's incredible. If you haven't heard her music already, look it up. She's got an album coming out later this year. She was just over at my place one night and we decided we were in the mood to make something eerie. We found an audio sample of a woman confessing to murdering her children, and just like that, "Silenced' was born. We produced and recorded the entire thing on my living room floor.

BtR: "How long have you been making music?"

BB: "I was in a chorus for 7 years as a child, but I've been doing the solo recording thing for only the past couple of years. "

BtR: "Are you going to be doing a music video soon?"
BB: "Yes, I promise that one is coming soon enough."

BtR: "Who are your musical influences?"
BB: "The type of music I listen to in general is so drastically different from the type of music I make. I'm really into Radiohead and film scores. A couple of my friends have compared my music to Lana Del Rey's, but I don't think it's that similar. I think it's just the fact that she and I both have alto voices. I still love her though. I met her in a bathroom last week. It was magical. "

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