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Born to dream (2016)

It's like i got a set of wings (2013)

We get few underground artists featured on Beyond the Record that possess this level of passion for the art and message within their music. These two records (yes two) feature an incredible dedication to mastery as a rapper, but also a songwriter. In this review, we will be covering not just one record alone, but two. Born to Dream, released in 2016, which has vast and variable differences from his debut release in 2013. In a few moments, we will cover some of those differences. From within the underground, Born to Dream offers itself as one of last year's best releases by far, at least for the genre, while It's Like I Got A Set of Wings is raw but meticulously shaped.

Blow_Flyy sets himself aside from other rappers by using imagery in several tracks on Born to Dream and in It's Like I Got A Set Wings. The focal point of the music, which I found to be unique in itself, is the music and the overall message. Casting himself as one of the few proud rappers with a positive message in his music and becomes quite evident as you dive deep into Blow_Flyy's discography. Though it may be a short discography, he offers vast meaning to the world through his lyrical passages (that again) are positive, uplifting, but also unafraid to speak truth and challenges to his fans through the power of song. The beats themselves are very much so original but do follow common chord progressions that is often used in top 40 radio. Dare I say it, Blow_Flyy's music is comparable to 2pac's music, which may or may not be a compliment. That is a fine line I am riding here. It's only comparable in the sense that 2pac had powerful messages in his music, and even though many have attempted to continue his legacy, Blow_Flyy continues his very own legacy without borrowing from the legend. The only comparable features is the level of depth showcased on both records.

Born to Dream showcases a more mature sound and one that is incredibly well produced. The overall quality of the mix is perhaps more consistent, while It's Like I Got A Set Of Wings is raw. That very record released in 2013, is a great stepping stone. It's a fantastic introduction for him and his fans as a debut album, but by any means does not lack depth or quality of the overall message. The message is still powerful. The beats are original and blend well with Blow_Flyy's vocal style, but the consistency of the mix wanders at times. This is to be expected as a debut album. Each second of both records leave you in a daze.

Precision. Accuracy. I feel as though these two records will appeal to a larger group of people extending to even those who may not particularly enjoy the rap genre. While this may be an artist that can reach the masses in one way or another, this is a record for those who truly appreciate art in a boundary-less form. I find that freeing and compelling for many generations to come.