Billy Roberts and the rough riders

only one

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We have featured Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders once before on our blog and have decided to review the new single Only One. As stated in our last review, the group continues to grow a dedicated following, and this is attributed by a reliable track record. Literally. Billy Roberts takes this single to new heights, only heard on classic rock albums, and pushes those limits. We look forward to reviewing the full-length album in the near future.

This track features incredible dedication to mastery as a lyricist, but also as a guitarist. This song alone features two bluesy pentatonic guitar solos that connect with the music in a flawless manner. Billy's solos aren't just wailing string bending, they are well thought out, melodic mastery. The music itself is classic rock driven, bringing back some nostalgic feeling that today's music does not have.
as a rapper, but also as a songwriter.

When reviewing an album or track such as this, I think it's important to note the musicianship. The strong effort that today's underground artists put into their music and this showcases that perfectly. This is what younger musicians will look up to, demonstrating what true talent is.


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