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Billy Roberts and the rough riders

No One knows me

Video Here

Back at it again with Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders because we simply can't get enough from this project. Now, as part of our usual segment, we break down who the artist is and what they stand for, but seeing as how we have done this before, we encourage you to visit the following links and read our two other reviews that we have done to learn a bit more about this project. Instead, we are going to dive deep into what this track has to offer, which is nothing less than total guitar mastery and well thought out lyrics.

You can hear in this track that it has been meticulously shaped, re-shaped, and then shaped some more; only to come out in its most natural form. The guitar work in Billy Roberts and the Rough Rides is, and probably will always be, the most prominent in the mix. The six string dominates the wall of sound, even competing with the vocals, not high above the guitar mastery. Through this single is the interwoven duo of pentatonic blues licks and vocal harmonies.

"No one knows me... No One Knows me."

As what you could expect from a group that is a country/rock/blues fusion band, the rhythm section stands in support of all that is being done. The bass and drums are locked in sync; total unison with one another. To touch on the genre a bit, this is just something that I personally feel that the group also touches on. It's indeed a very colorful inspiration sound that has an appeal to anyone looking for good old rock 'n roll.