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Beyond the Record: Welcome to the show! Tell our readers a little bit about who you are, where you're originally from, and an insight to what you're doing musically.

Bankhead: I just want to say thank you guys for featuring me first and for most! And to answer the question… I am originally from Gary, Indiana the 219!! And as far as music goes… I got hits dropping… I got dope visuals to go along with them. I have a few projects from other artist I’m writing for as well. So I’m busy lol.

BtR: So, some artists take a while to cultivate a love for music. Some start a young age, while others take their time to start making music. At what point in your life did you fully pursue a career in music?

Bankhead: Uhhh… I have been writing music since I was 1o years old. I wrote my first full song then lol. I wasn’t introduced to a studio till I was 19 years old. Shots out to B.A. bro helped me gain this craft I got today. But I guess you can say 5 years ago I really was focused and took it as a job not a hobby.

BtR: And would you say that you were born with the gift to create music?

Bankhead: Most definitely! I loved poetry and loved stories that where somewhat of rhythmical. I always got a joy out of matching words that sound alike lol. It was the coolest shit ever to me!

BtR: What would you say motivates you to keep pursuing music?

Bankhead: To be honest besides the feeling I get from just hearing certain music and sounds man… my family and those that really supporting me. People say chase ya dream but man the impact and feeling I get behind the music and the energy I feel man lets me know this aint a dream… this is what my life is!!

BtR: What are some of your inspirations?

Bankhead: Man… the growth and I mean the growth of just being able to see things and do thing somebody haven’t had a chance to see. I’m inspired by what I can do for others that helped me, and that love me. I remember when I first heard FBGOD and the KITO Klan guys in B.A. studio man I just wanted to be as good as they was even though I didn’t take it as serious as they did at the time. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t inspired by all the folks that spoke negative me lol sometimes ya got to prove them wrong ya know.

BtR: What are some of the struggles that you have overcome in your personal life, but also in your music career? Take us through the lowest moments. Which of your songs best depicts your struggles?

Bankhead: Aww man… I don’t know where to actually start. Man I’m Gary Indiana we all for the most part started in the same boat. Not to discredit my city that home ya know. But I this current situation with my sister and my nieces and nephews am really something to deal with right now. When your focus is on a goal and you getting county class and dealing with real life shit! Man it can drive you on the edge for real. Not to mention the things with my moms… steady losing people I got love for. Having to push all my emotions to the side and just keep trying to make the most of the grind ya know. I feel like… well it aint even a feeling… all the pressure is on me to make the changes. I have spoke on it a lot of unreleased singles that’s coming very soon.

BtR: Now on the flipside, what are some of your greatest successes? This includes your personal achievements, but also in your music career.

Bankhead: I would simply say what I have learned. Knowledge by far is the greatest shit I could possible gained cause it goes along way. Music wise man… the real life goal of making music. The process is a wonderful thing. I learned a lot about karma and following instinct in this shit. As crazy as it sounds all my achievements came from my mind. I used to think different and it was neither good nor healthy.

BtR: You're passionate about the message in your music. What would you say your lyrical themes generally pertain to?

Bankhead: If I didn’t have the passion I wouldn’t do it. That’s just how it is. I rap about things I feel will relatable to others. I do a little entertaining but I’m really letting people know me for me ya know.

BtR: Aside from being a rapper, you're passionate about sports. Football or basketball? Bankhead: Basketball… I’m a Kobe fan man lol Andrew Luck my dawg now I remember watching him in high school but I love basketball.

BtR: How long have you been playing in comparison to playing music?

Bankhead: I hooped all my life I don’t remember nothooping lol. Back in 2010 I made a decision to either do this music or train to go to college and play ball. We see where I am now lol.

BtR: Last but not least, how can people find your music? You can find music almost everywhere. I have a song out now we pushing that’s called “Bada Boom Bada Bing” its on ITunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, Tidal you name it. I also have a few videos YouTube under the Made Ja Look Production page.