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Ballade pour (extended mix)

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We get few underground artists featured on Beyond the Record that possess this level of passion for the art and message within their music. This record features an incredible dedication to mastery as a sound engineer, but also a songwriter. In this review, we will be covering just one single alone. From within the underground, this single is one of this year's best releases by far. The soft lyrical passages entwine with the music and message effortlessly and in its entirety, this track is undoubtedly motivated to grasp the listener and becomes quite evident from the first few seconds. The cover art and song titles are also giving light to what you will hear from this release. However, Dobie focuses his abilities as a songwriter and on the music itself; keeping the ability of musical flow at the forefront of the listener's mind. 

All of which - the music provides an illustrative backdrop for an expressive vocal style and brings to life what emotions the extended version is trying to conjure in the fans (and does so with great ease.) Dobie manages to bring a sensation of nostalgia to this release and is reminiscent of the golden era of electronic music while keeping a modern appeal the focal point of Ballade Pour. Each minute. Each second will leave you in a daze.

Precision. Accuracy. I feel as though these tracks will appeal to a larger group of people extending to even those who may not particularly enjoy the electronic/trance genre. While this may be an artist that can reach the masses in one way or another, this is a record for those who truly appreciate art in a boundary-less form. I find that freeing and compelling for many generations to come.