Beyond the record presents:


Aurora boring alice

Static mood

ep review

We get few underground artists featured on Beyond the Record that possess this level of passion for the art and message within their music. This EP features an incredible dedication to mastery as songwriters, but also as creative minds who work together to bring something of value to the punk genre. Aurora Boring Alice continues to grow a dedicated fan base and is becoming punk veterans of the underground and from within the underground, Static Mood is one of this year's best EP I have reviewed by far.

Their fans consider them to be a punk rock band but doesn't exactly strike that chord with me. While most people/bands/musicians aren't keen on labeling themselves or giving their music an identity through a genre, I believe it's important to do so. I'm not saying that they refuse to do this, I just think that there is so much more to the music. This EP showcases more of a rock side with a punk filler. Despite this, the punk influences come out strong but perhaps not as strong as others may find.

For what is considered to be an underground punk EP, the production quality is top shelf. This is a solid EP.

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