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Ashley J


Ashley J is on the rise with a growing fan base nationwide. We dive deep into the new single titled "Trapped", which is perhaps one of this year's best underground singles thus far.

While this is a relatively new project, We are only expecting the best from Ashley J, and expect to see her as a potential pop star. This latest single is the definitive of pop music and the current state for which it stands. The overall beat and flow of Trapped relies heavily on electronics to convey its message in wondrous ways, bringing together a track that is unique and stands out from the rest a genre; as the laid back instrumental coils around the infectious snaps and Ashley's sultry vocal melodies which deliver an incredible level of depth to J's sound. With an incredible level of depth to her music, the overall sound takes on various forms. Ashley touches on the modern feel of pop music but takes you back a few to yesterday's sounds as well. And doing so flawlessly.