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Art and Music

Perfect is weird

The name of this record and art work truly define this release from Art and Music. Written and produced in its entirety by Kasey Jones, we are left with a one man band project based out of Los Angeles, California. Perfect is Weird is associated with the indie rock genre by the fans, which nowadays takes on many meanings and is a vast blanket term so it seems. It's a rather bizarre, relatively lower budget record featuring two originals that I had to listen to several times to truly understand the meaning behind this music. It's poppy indie rock, but not striving to be anything. Which, to me, is fantastic. This is not a watered down indie pop rock EP trying to be the next big thing out of southern Cali. Though I may have said it before in other reviews, these two tracks by Art and Music are incredibly unique. Bizzare, but unique. State I'm In offers itself as more of what you could expect out of the indie rock genre and is perhaps my favorite of this two track collection.


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